Leo’s body has always exuded a strong aura,Let the cadre of the Goshawk family on the opposite side dare not look down。

Actually,Even if Leo doesn’t say,They have also contacted Gantt,They are just to drag http://www.natrual.cn time,Otherwise, Leo will just kill him,I am afraid that many people in their family will die。
Although there are many killings at sea,But the confrontation of this force,Usually the boss fights,The victorious side beheaded a few people,The rest are collected or used as slaves。
One Piece World is actually a slave society through and through。
These people are all pirates,But he had no idea of treating these people as slaves。
As a modern person,He naturally didn’t want to catch slaves。
Of course, kill them all directly!
This is humanitarian。
Gantt is not slow,Walked out of the station quickly。
Completely different from what you imagined,This Gantt is actually a very thin person,I’m afraid it’s only about two meters tall。
“What are you guys?What is the purpose of coming to our goshawk family!”Gantt asked in a low voice,There is a trace of anger http://www.hhhtlxs.cn in the words。
“I heard that your family got a supreme sharp knife?Moshang Yuege?”Leo spoke immediately。
Gantt froze,He originally thought he had a deep hatred with each other,Is here to seek revenge,I didn’t expect to come to find a knife?
Watching Leo holding http://www.chuandangou.cn a sword in his hand,Suddenly understood a bit。
“Ha ha,Come to my Goshawk family for something?What are you,Who gave you the courage!”
Gantt is half animal in an instant,Some fine velvet grew on the face and body,It’s just that these fine velvets shimmer with metallic luster,Looks very sharp。
“Yes or no!”Leo is unmoved。
Gantt laughs:“With or without,Since you dare to come to our family to make trouble,Then leave something!”
moment,Gantt’s eagleization is more obvious,In addition to lack of wings,Almost the whole body has turned into a huge eagle。
Holding the thick Langya Bang in both hands, he quickly rushed towards Leo。