Mom returned to Lu family,Of course, this matter is not allowed。

In order to drive Lu Si,Mother deliberately designed to let Lu Si heard this matter,Lu Si is going abroad to study。
Lu Hao Cheng,Always not going home,I will not always go home after high school.,There are only one family left at home.,He feels very happy。
Dad has never mentioned this matter.。
Lu Wei looked at Lu Hao, he did not speak himself.,It’s even gas.,“What look?do you know?For your mother and child,What have I did what mixed?,No matter what you do,Send a little bit of thinking to the foreign book,Give everything of their brothers to your brothers and sisters.。Can be like this,Their sisters have lived better than you.。”
“You don’t live a stinky boy,Take a look at the situation like this,Are you worthy of me??”
Lu Wei is angry with a butt, sitting on the sofa。
Black in front of you,Liang Wei,Hand up a cup of hot water to him。
NS643chapter:It is possible that it is possible
“Chairman,Drink some water,Don’t be too angry,Body is tight,Can not be bad。”
Liang Wei advised,actually,I heard this time again.,He feels guilty。
He also advised the chairman of this year.,Let him carefully consider,That Qin Ningzhen and Lu Haokai are the wolves of two tigers.。
But,At that time, the chairman heard these,Qin Ning is young and beautiful,He can’t help temptation at all。
Now old things,What is the use??
All hurts have been caused。
That two children,I have never like the chairman,Especially Lu Haozheng,I have always been a rebellious existence。
Father and son,I have never sitting down and said a word.,Every time you meet,Some are endless quarrels。
“dad,What else is there now??
then,But you will wish everything of their sisters to us.,Dad now regret it now??”
“Dad, don’t forget it.,these years,People who have been with you around you, but our brothers and sisters have my mother.。”
“What did Lu Hao Cheng have done??
What did Lu Si?
Lu Haocheng only knows that Dad is angry,Lu Si did not return a few years,It’s going to see Lu Hao Cheng.,People who have accompanied by Dad in the years have always been our mother and child.。”
Lu Haokai said,He will never return Lu Hao Cheng’s shares.,I just blame Ku Qing too called.,So believe a person betrayed her。
Liang Wei lows at the side,My heart is dark:“Hao Cheng and Sisi have not accompanied by the chairman,Not because of your mother and child of this wolf。”
in those days,Lu Yi Group,Do not,It is the crisis of the Lu Group,Almost apply for bankruptcy。
It is the continuous effort of the lady.,Overthrew the old idea,Bold innovation design concept,Only let the Chalk Group will die。
It can be said,that time,No lady,How can there be a current land?。
Chairman not only grates the lady,Still outside, women and children,Now this situation,He is in a somewhat secret.。
Since Qin Ning’s woman enters the Lu Group,The chairman has not lived the day。
Qin Ning’s sexual deceit,I know that Ah is confident,Chairman is enjoying the comfort of the face,Not the comfort of the soul。
then,His father gave birth to serious illness,He borrows money around,I haven’t borrowed how much money。