When Yang Ying was about to speak,Her secretary came in with Xia Jian’s ID,She smiled and said:“Manager Yang!Three tickets have been booked,9:15 the day after tomorrow,The arrival time should be after 12 o’clock”

“it is good!Go ahead!”Yang Ying took Xia Jian’s ID card,Gave it to Xia Jian。
I’m going to investigate the day after tomorrow,But there is nothing in Bucheon,Should Yang Ying visit Bucheon??Xia Jian can’t sit still。
He immediately stood up and said:“I’m sorry, Mr. Yang,I’ll go one step ahead,Since we are going to investigate the day after tomorrow,I still have something to arrange”
Xia Jian turned around and left。Yang Ying got up and chased after a step or two and said:“Keep the phone open,make contact then”Yang Ying’s voice just fell,Xia Jian responded,Opened the door and walked out。
Come out from Tianguang Building,It was almost half past five when Xia Jian looked at his watch,He is really anxious at this moment。He didn’t stop the car,But a walk,I found a Loucha on the roadside,Asked for a private room and sat in。
Wait for the waiter to make tea for him and exit。Xia Jian called Dragon Ball,Xia Jian asked about Xiao Xiao first,Then he said seriously to Dragon Ball:“Dragon Ball!I’m alreadyGZNegotiated business partners,But they will come to inspect the day after tomorrow”
“I know you are very surprised,Because we have nothing。So you act quickly,Talk to me about the transfer of a piece of land of about 100 acres in the southern suburbs within one day tomorrow。First determine the area,Second, there must be a preliminary price”
“and also,You’d better use all diplomatic means,Let Bucheon Investment Promotion Office,Or the relevant personnel of the Bureau of Commerce can participate in our event”
Xia Jian stopped here when he said that,Because he was talking about,Can you remember the Dragon Ball too much?,That’s a different matter。
The Dragon Ball on the phone was obviously frightened by Xia Jian’s difficult task。Just when she was in a daze,Xia Jian suddenly heard Xiao Xiao’s voice:“You promise him,We can handle this”
“Mr. Xiao said,This can be done,Just let you bring someone over”Dragon Ball suddenly said happily。Since Xiao Xiao said this,That can definitely be done。Xiao Xiao has worked hard in Buchuan for many years,I know a lot of people naturally。
Xia Jianyi heard Xiao Xiao speak,He immediately became happy。As long as Xiao Xiaoyi is involved in this matter,The probability of success will naturally increase。The point of the male foreigner is that Xiao Xiao has walked out of the shadow of pain,This is something that makes him happier。
Hang up the phone,Xia Jian ate half a pot of tea,He really can’t drink it alone。Now the next question is to find a way to leave the Luo family。But Grandma Luo’s family treats him so well,How did he leave the law。
Xia Jian was in trouble for a while,He always feels wrong after thinking about it。Yang Ying didn’t want Luo Yi to know about her investigation,She naturally has her own concerns。But this matter is still led by Luo’s help,This really makes Xia Jian difficult。
Sitting in the box of the tea house,Xia Jiansi thought before and after,Finally,I thought of treating Ganglande Ping。Just say that Nalandeping’s condition has improved,Need to follow up,Have to live in his house to treat。It seems that this excuse can only be given to Grandma Luo。
If you tell Luo Yi,It will show flaws。and also,Tie Li also wants to go to Bucheon with him,And don’t know why,Tie Li still wouldn’t let Xia Jian tell Gu Yue about it。These women are really troublesome,Xia Jianyi thought of these things,Head is big。
He glanced at his watch,Found it’s six o’clock,If he runs faster,Can run to her villa before Luo Yi,Just bring things,After leaving her house,Xia Jian is about to shut down。
With this idea,Xia Jian quickly went downstairs and stopped a car,Go straight to the Luo family’s villa。