Celestial Bull Ape is not a vegetarian,Originally it just used the body to fight,At this moment, it emits a blue-black light on the opponent’s body,Those eyes became red too。

The surrounding sky became dizzy because of the anger of the sky blue bull ape,Make those red eyes look more terrifying,Many surviving spirit beasts crawl on the ground and dare not move。
Their king is angry,This is for beastslIt’s hard to see,Have your own dignity as a king,So everything is done by one of them。
Haoyue’s spear pierced the black light fiercely,Create a barrier where the two sides touch,Is a natural reflection of the friction between two forces。
This time Yue Wuhen was bombed out,And didn’t guard like before,But rushed up after stopping the figure。
“Livestock,Stay for life!”
Other people followed,Various terrifying forces are mixed together,Go to that guy from all directions,Actually trapped it for a while。
This time!
Xia Chenglong decisively issued the order,The others quickly followed,Go west。
The closer you get to that day, the greater the pressure you feel,This is the problem they will face next。
Many people get dizzy when approaching this power,Xia Chenglong and the others are fine。
no way,Strong leaders manifest at this time,Want to resist the oppression,There are just two methods。
Either strong enough,Either the power of artistic conception is full。