“I just want to tell you。Don’t get involved with the special forces。After Gong Ming’s defeat this time,,He is abolished。At least let us finally occupy a little bit。So this trip to the island country,Only one of the seven sages will discuss with me。See whose layout is really effective。Which determines the future direction of the spider。”Cen Wen didn’t hide much。

Qin Feng hesitated after listening,“What do you want to do?Is it really rebellious??”
“Ha ha,No one in the leader today knows what he thinks。He knew we were fighting,But never came forward to stop。Instead, I think it’s normal to prevent these internal fights.。Because of this,Losers will leave,And the newcomer。”
“madman!”This is Qin Feng’s evaluation of this kind of thinking。Only a madman thinks that this constantly updated organization is vitality。
Do you think it is easy to bring new people?Those old people may have some shortcomings that lead to failure,But such people are at least experienced,Abandoning it like this is not causing trouble!
Forget it,Maybe this is also good,At least in this way, the number of members of the organization is controlled by a certain amount,Won’t accumulate more,This makes it more troublesome for Qin Feng to deal with。
“All right,To the point。Qin Feng, how will you help me this time??How about killing Chateauroux??”Cen Wen looked at Qin Fengdao seriously。
“Yo,Still a foreigner?Shouldn’t white paper fan be a special term from our country?”
“After all, he is like a soldier!And this Chateauroux is in his 30s,Always rely on the old to sell the old。I think he should almost be killed。”
“Of course I hope to kill the important person of the spider。But it won’t trouble you?”At this time, Qin Feng basically considered it from the perspective of Cen Wen。
It’s normal to die one or two people when fighting for power,But the problem is,This Chateauroux is one of the Seven Saints,The identity is comparable to Cen Wen。
It’s the position of other department heads。Although it may not allow others to follow their orders,But where is the identity?。
Such people are dead,Really won’t mess the world?
“Do not worry,Island country,Although there are many spider people,But they can’t access the core。When the time comes, Chateauroux and I will definitely not come forward。At this time, if you can touch where he is,Then come an assassination or something。Then perfect!I believe you can do this,After all, according to the judgment of the spider,You have heavenly strength。”
“Yo,So powerful?”
Qin Feng responded with a smile。
For the so-called division of combat power,He has not had a clear
impression。Previously, the strength of those who were sent by the Scavengers was used as a comparison.。
“Some information here,You look?”Talking,Cen Wen took out a stack of documents and put them in front of Qin Feng。