Zhao Yazhi’s secret to keeping a slim figure

Zhao Yazhi’s secret to keeping a slim figure

When the movie star Zhao Yazhi was mentioned, Hong Kong people remembered Feng Chengcheng. The Taiwanese thought of Su Rongrong. The mainlanders remembered the white lady. She used her own aesthetics that influenced generations. She was called the most charming classical woman in China.

Now that she is over 50 years old, but she has not left her brand on her body, she still has the body of a 20-year-old girl. How did she do it?

  1, good eating habits.

  Zhao Yazhi’s diet is more casual, although he can’t eat what he wants to eat, but he doesn’t want to be as harsh as other stars.

  (1) The average person thinks that losing weight can’t eat meat, and it is afraid of misfortune, but Zhao Yazhi believes that it is unfortunate that it is an integral part of maintaining human energy. It is indispensable and should be properly supplemented.

  (2) Protein can not be eaten blindly. Although fish and beans have high protein, but because of the rich protein-rich manure, eat less, and beans contain less feces, you can eat more.

  (3) Eat less high-glycemic foods to prevent blood sugar from turning into sputum.

  (4) More vitamins and trace elements, they are also a major part of the human body.

Therefore, you should eat more vegetables and fruits, and also drink plenty of water to prevent constipation.

  2, often exercise.

  (1) Do aerobics, it is said that Zhao Yazhi insists on doing 3-4 aerobics every week, while watching TV, entertainment and fitness are correct.

  (2) Swimming, Zhao Yazhi often swims with his children, and loses weight by swimming without interruption and “walking” in the water.

  (3) Climbing the stairs, Zhao Yazhi insists on climbing the 8th floor every day, in this way to consume the remaining energy of the body.

  3, good living habits and regular work and rest time.

  According to the study, people who sleep less than 7 hours a day often sleep more than 7 hours and are more likely to gain weight.

Zhao Yazhi can be said to be one of the most normal female entertainers in the day. All nightlife in Hong Kong is insulated from her. Unless she is filming, she insists on going to bed early and getting up early every day.

  4, strictly control yourself in terms of weight.

  Zhao Yazhi is a very beautiful woman. I heard that she has to go to bed every day to get weight. Once she finds that she is overweight, she immediately finds ways to reduce it.

  5, never eat weight loss drugs and hormones.

  Zhao Yazhi is a typical representative of healthy health. She has always believed that nutrition is balanced, and good living habits are the best diet pills.

  6, have a peace of mind, control their emotions.

  It is said that angry is easy to hurt the liver, and often angry is not good for your health.

Zhao Yazhi has a milder personality and rarely gets angry. Even if angry, she will control her emotions.

  All in all, not old body = nutritional balance + regular exercise + good habits + peace of mind.

  The secret is simple, everyone can do it, but sticking to it for decades is not easy.

The old figure is cast like this.