It’s not easy to whiten freckle, come try health porridge

It’s not easy to whiten freckle, come try health porridge

Many things in life that we can’t think of have been achieved by many people, and many people have repeated it because they are naturally not beautiful, and they do n’t know that drinking porridge can also whiten and freckle, and bring beauty effects.

What kind of porridge can you use to lighten your skin?

Here are five kinds of whitening and freckle-reducing porridges . 1. Yam, Chinese wolfberry porridge, Chinese wolfberry and Chinese wolfberry are very good tonics, which can nourish blood and beauty, remove pigmentation, and make it with porridge.Add some honey and sugar for a better taste.

  2, celery beef 羹 celery plus beef is prepared into 羮, often eaten to whiten and freckle, and very delicious!

Beauty and food are both right.


Pipa Red Dates Porridge Red dates have a great effect on blood, adding Pipa has the effect of moisturizing the lungs, freckle and stomach, and is the first choice for beauty porridge.

  4. Coix seed lotus porridge Coix seed whitening and moisturizing effect is good, can be a good treatment of freckles, age spots, butterfly spots and other various stains, use it to porridge can better whitening.


Assorted fruit tarts We can make pears and apples, bananas, pineapples, strawberries and other fruits into delicious tarts, you can try with a variety of fruits, there may be surprises!