Let medicinal diet polish your window of soul

Let medicinal diet polish your “window of soul”

At present, the incidence of myopia in adolescents in China is relatively high, and how to prevent and treat myopia has become a concern of the whole society.
There are many ways to prevent and treat myopia. Here are six simple and easy-to-use medicated diets for young patients.
  First, Cuscuta congee, Cuscuta 30 grams, 60 grams of rice, sugar.
Method: Wash and mash the dodder, add water to cook, remove the residue and take the juice, add rice and porridge, add sugar when eating.
Take one dose twice daily.
Efficacy: Bushen Yijing, nourishing the liver and eyesight, suitable for myopia caused by liver and stomach deficiency.
  Second, wolfberry porridge 30 grams of wolfberry, 60 grams of rice.
Method: Boil Chinese wolfberry and japonica rice once a day.
Efficacy: kidney, nourishing yin, eyesight, used for liver and kidney yin deficiency type myopia.
  Third, a goat liver porridge, a liver, 20 grams of onions, 100 grams of rice.
Method: Wash the sheep’s liver to remove the fascia, chop, stir-fry the onions and grind them. The second flavor is cooked in a casserole, take the juice, and eat with rice porridge.
Especially suitable for winter.
Efficacy: warming liver and kidney, eyesight, suitable for liver and kidney qi deficiency myopia.
  4. Gujingcao Yanggan Decoction 30 grams of Gujing grass, 100 grams of sheep liver.
System of law: sliced sheep liver, and served with gluten grass soup.
Efficacy: Shufeng Qingre, nourishing the liver and eyesight, applicable to those with red eyes and dry eyes.
  V. Onion white pork liver egg soup 150 grams of pork liver, two eggs, light onion, and salt.
Method: add boiled pork soup, add eggs, light white, salt to taste, eat pork liver soup.
Efficacy: Tonic and nourishing blood for eyesight, for myopia with liver blood deficiency type.
  Six, wolfberry leaves fried pig heart fresh wolfberry leaves 50 grams, a pig heart, peanut oil amount, a little salt.
Heat the peanut oil, add the sliced pork heart and wolfberry leaves, stir-fry, season with salt and serve.
Efficacy: nourishing the liver and replenishing essence, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves, clearing away heat and eyesight.
For Yin deficiency and internal heat type myopia.