Central News Office held the fifth issue of "Neticon Youth Classroom" activities

  Recently, in order to learn from the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party of the Communist Party of China, continue to deepen the "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education results, organize party members and cadres, especially young cadres, continue to learn about the party history, new China history, Central News The Office of the Office held the fifth issue of "Netcom Youth Classroom" activities, invited researchers of the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute, and Chen Jian, secretary-general of the Secretary of the Party of China, China, surrounded "Why can we confuse – from the party "The 19th Four Plenary Session" decided to "say to" the theme of the youth cadres as a special lecture and exchange interactive. Comrade Chen Jian has from "Can ensure the political stability of the country", "can mobilize the enthusiasm of the people’s participation in national construction", "can promote the continued rapid growth and super-development of the economy", "can promote the people in thinking The mental close unity, "can enhance the people’s well-being and ultimately realize common prosperity", "can do the top six aspects of the national chess and concentrated power", "The superiority of my country’s national system and governance system is reflected. Historic and reality, theoretical and practical, nationality and global combination, for everyone to have a wonderful party class. Through learning, the Central News Network Office has deeply understands the new China from standing, and the hard exploration and history of the rich, further strengthening the patriotic feelings, enhances history, and further strengthen the road self-confidence, theory self-confidence , Institutional confident, cultural confidence. The current activity is organized by the Central News Network Office Policy and Regulatory Bureau and the Branch of the Net Air Hospital, and the units of each unit shall participate in more than 140 young cadres.