And slowly give the sanitation worker

  Original title: Slowly give the sanitation worker to walk the hood "This is the naked form of naked form" "Not only lacks humanistic care, but also the right of rights ‘square arrays’" … Video, Shanxi, Zhangzhou, was pushed to the tip of public opinion, many media and netizens proposed this to criticize, and buckled the formal hat. Sanitation workers are urban beauticians, winds come, rain, "I would rather be dirty, in exchange for thousands of families", their work is grown and tired, worthy of respect and courtesy. But sometimes there is also a guarantee that the sanitation worker is guaranteed, and the superior management is harsh. At this time, the public opinion and the public will stand firmly on the side of the sanitation workers, and they will make them. Holding great sympathy, people have used to understand the hard work of this group, which will expose any act of impact sanitation workers’ rest and rights, such as Zhangzhou organizational sanitation workers walking.

But is it really meaningless? Is the sanitation worker being forced? Is this really a formalism? The media and netizens accused, mostly concentrated on "high temperature" and "ignore business", and assume that "leaders are blowing air conditioners", "sanitation workers are enforced", "local do not improve sanitation workers ". If these judgments and assumptions are established, then the sanitation workers are right to take their head decisions and formalism. However, these judgments and assumptions are not established.

Zhangzhou sanitation workers went to the end of 2018, before the end of 2018, it was training every day. In May this year, it began once a week. Time is around 6 pm, this time period does not talk about high temperature.

In addition, the sanitation workers are not forced to participate in training. "They are voluntary, more than 50 years old and due to illness or other reasons, can be exchanged directly, not training, the unit does not deduct wages", and the cadre 50 If there is no special reason, there is no special reason, it is basically participating, including logistics, various departments management, etc., is not for the first-line sanitation workers.

  As for if it is "not working", it is a matter of benevolence to see the benevolence and wise.

Sanitation workers engage in military training, and they are doing rare to see, but since they can support large school students, athletes engage in military training, don’t worry about affecting their study and sports industry, why can’t I use tolerant sanitation workers to walk correctly? This is to strengthen the cohesiveness of the sanitation team, establishing the image of sanitation workers in the new era, and the sanitation workers involved in the training have also joined the local reserve comprehensive rescue team and flood control emergency rescue team, according to the requirements of military training regularly, engage in military training regularly Military training, walking right and has certain necessity.

There are also netizens reminded that there are more efforts in the rights and interests of sanitation workers. In fact, this is two things that can be parallel, not to choose one between steps and increasing treatment. In fact, Cangzhou has done a lot of work in ensuring the rights and interests of sanitation workers, and the wage level of the first-line sanitation workers is a preliminary level in Shanxi Province. In addition, there is a love breakfast, free to take a welfare such as the city. The harm of formalism is self-evident, and the commonality is "virtual" word, "empty" word is handsome, the scene is vigorous, actually empty hole, can’t use it in the middle. People are deeply sick, but they are struggling to go to the sanitation workers, but it is difficult to get it in the form of formalm. In fact, many judgments and assumptions of netizens are based on the sympathy of sanitation workers, and this group is seen as a vulnerable group. This is not wrong, it is a manifestation of the heart, but it is also possible to misjudge the labeling, and may misunderstand the true idea of ??sanitation workers. Perhaps, the sanitation worker does not want to be tagged by the weak person, and they need to treat equal treatment, from the heart, rather than based on the identity of the weak.

In addition to work, they also have the needs of organizational activities and the collective honor, although this kind of demand and sense of honor are sometimes cherished by the young people. The sanitation worker is working in a step, and the first time is judged, the hat is, or listen to the sanitation workers. (Ding Jianting).