12 key projects in Cheng Wenxian is concentrated in total investment of 1.316 billion yuan.

The various projects in Cheng Wenxian are in full swing. Taoqun took into the Xunwen County Traditional Chinese Medicine Sciences Industrial Park, which was carrying out in the air, and the Thai School project is undergoing indoor and outdoor renovation. In mid-September this year, it will be put into use. The open dragon zone project is expected to open the car at the end of 2021, the third phase of the tires have begun to start production, and the construction site of Yonghui Supermarket Guizhou Supply Chain Industrial Park is undergoing the main building. The vision of the visionary Dragon Avenue has completed the dragon. Zaisi, Gui Ji Ji Project, the lighting project has been installed. Every time, Guan Qingliang and the corporate leader, the first-line cadre employee in-depth exchange, detailed understanding of the project construction, and inquire about whether there is difficult to block, the problem of discovery is immediately investigated.

Guan Qingliang emphasized that major projects are crimp stone, project promotion is the main battlefield, and all places in the county should surround the "four new" main attack.

Through watching the project, find the gap, more quality, promotion, establish "project as the king" concept, compare the challenge of major projects, and continue to introduce large industrial projects to start production, with the most Strong comparative advantage to help companies grow. (Taoqun) (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.