How long can I refine success??”

Summer laughing,“I first borrow the master in front of you.。”
Speech,Raise arms,Zhang opened five fingers,Suddenly。
on the ground,That is only taken by Xiaohe Master. Summer is taken in the hands.。
“You are this”Xiaohe Master does not understand the opening。
Summer still does not respond,Heart god,Hoe,Ignore a group of colorful lights in front of him。
This group of Guanghua looks very special,When I appeared, I firmly attracted the eyes of two people.。
Take a look,It’s like a sticky droplets in sputtering,Take a closer look,It’s like a group of flames in the burning of the bears.。
In the eyes of two people,In the summer, this brush is put into it.。
Summer sacrificed a huge mind,Thousands of pieces of differentiation。
Hold the left and right,Put the chaos。
His ten fingers,Capture with naked eye,Constant printing。
Concentrated in chaos,Something stretching。
It is again integrated with the broken pen.,And the impurities are constantly refined。
At the same time, there is an internal array,Summer thousands of medals,Quickly portray the array。
Xiahe Master Xiaohe and Zhang Feng are watching next to it。
They don’t understand refining,It is also the first time I saw someone in this state.,Fully subverted。
Make them horrified still。
Before and back,Flame,One full-minded pen,Quietly float in half air。
Membrane,Dense cloth,It’s like breathing, glittering,Continue。
Summer, sending a post to the Xiahe Master nearby。
“Xiahe Master,You tried。”
“this,this,this”Xiahe Master is shaking,Hand is also trembling。
He is extremely careful to pick up the pen,Sprinkler,Using all the condensation invaded into its observation。
Medley,The array of words is like a world-like operation.,Fierce,Windy wind,Winds,Torch,Each other,Distinct。
What did Xiaohe Master a real time?。
His eyes are straight,Dead, catch this stroke,Exciting and excitement from the heart。
“real,It’s really two genlicity”Next to Zhang Feng is also dumbfounded。
He is sitting in the town,In the field of identification is also an absolute。
So is it told to tell the summer?,For so many years,I have never seen the pen of two attributes too rare.。
However, now,He watched a person in his eyes.,Only use a time time,A waste,Refining into a god。
This is simply decaying as a magical anti-day means.。
At this time,Xiahe Master has quickly stepped to the desktop table。
He tidy a helper paper,Grip,Featuring fuel in one of the jade bottles,In the later,Pen walking dragon snake,Aesthetic。
Ten-Party essence brings together pour,The tip of the outline is like living like living,Xiahe Master,Adjust the best state,Unlucky。
More and more tips on the paper,Be more and more intensive,More and more full。
soon,Draw a continuous failure again。