“Dolido,I won’t be able to eat here anymore!”

Dorito, who was still pouring tea for Leo, was taken aback.。
“Major,Where to go?”
“Step on the four emperors、All over the world!”
“If you can’t go back?”
“Then,Keep coming back for dinner!”
First26chapter Great route
“Major Leo,We can get the navy headquarters in just six or seven days,Marin Vando!”
Leo stood on the bow of the main warship,Watching everything ahead,Then slowly nod。
It’s noon the next day,They have entered the windless zone,Small and medium-sized Neptune species can be seen everywhere in the sea,I can occasionally see large sea kings。
This behemoth that travels a hundred meters at every turn has the ability to easily shred warships。
but,Because the navy ship’s bottom is equipped with sea-building stones,So these sea kings directly treat warships as sea creatures,Will not attack warships。
As for the person standing next to Leo, he was one of the school officials who wanted to work with Leo before.。
“Can you tell me how the headquarter usually arranges a branch navy like me??”
The warship crosses the windless zone without risk,So Leo started to ask this headmaster a few questions。