I heard this explanation,Wang Jing is originally want to say, but no more。

Although they knew the son’s interest,But this kind of thing,They don’t want my son to know,After all, what they feel unnecessary to add trouble.。
Yang Li saw that the two said so,Also knowing what you can’t say anymore.。
But I didn’t expect it.,Li Shouye, I just finished this.,Outside the door, there is a sound of screaming。
“Li Jiazi,I will give us money out.。”
“Correct,Li Turtle,Your son’s little turtle came back.,Now let’s calculate it.?”
Li Huihe listened to the sound of the house,I didn’t feel anything yet.,But this turtle,But let him have a killing in his eyes.。
Originally, he intends to spare the idea of people in the village.,But this time he decided not to be good.。
soon,A brick fly again。
Li Hui’s eye of the eye is straightforward。
Just now, if he does not shoot,Li Hui Feng feels that the brick is likely to smash his mother.。
How can this continue to endure?。
“dad,This time,You also lie to me?”
“breeze,Don’t go out,They are more popular,and”I haven’t finished it yet.,Li Hui Feng is already directly rushed out.。
Chapter 591
“Who is throwing the bricks?”
Li Hui Hui came out, it was a voice cold.,The people around the eyes of the eyes are can’t help but feel trembled.。
Especially Wu Lu,He before he was packed by Li Hui,When Li Hui Feng went to pick up him, he did not expose such a look.,However, this time Li Hui Feng is revealing such a look that he can’t help but play a drum.。
“No one recognizes?
Just, I said that I am with my dad is a shortage of turtle.,how?
Now yourself shot the turtle.?”
Li Hui’s words just finished,There is a young person who can’t stand it out.。
Instant you are standing out,Li Hui Feng is a glimpse,After all, Lianhua Village youth is still very small.,Basically, go out to work.,The root is not returned.。
“I thrown,We sell vegetables to you.,Your heart is too dark,Actually earn so much,The price of people to buy vegetables today is twice as much as you.。”
“I will put it down with you first.,I will ask you to know you don’t know if you throw your bricks.?”
Youth heard this,How can he not know the consequence?,But when you are so many people, he wants to face.,I want to go out.。
“How about knowing?
Who makes you blangy,Even if you are smashed and you can’t die。”
Just finished this,Li Hui is directly that it is a feet to fly.。
Several people behind yours have been hit by young people.。
“Hey-hey,It’s good to die.,Great,I don’t kill you today.,There are you,I have a good account today.,One of the white eyes,I have to see what your heart can be black.,Say my heart,Without me,Big car can come in?
Not me lead you to get your shed,You dare to invest?
Without my guarantee, make no compensation,You can make money one by one?”
Li Hui said with the wind to go directly to the youth.,One foot is on the ankle of youth。
咔嚓 嚓 脆 响 青 青 青 上 上 上 上 上 上 上。
Some people around you have never thought of Li Hui Feng will so feel spicy.。
The same is also thrown by Li Hui Feng.。
“Hey-hey,Don’t you say it??