The teenager laughed,The Five Temples contradictions have a long history,It seems that it started from the ancestor,But he doesn’t care too much about it,There is mutual restraint,But intergrowth is more important,The so-called heaven and thick soil give birth to everything,Five elements are indispensable,This is the way that heaven and earth fit into circulation。

After being burned in flames,The teenager suddenly realized a lot of things,He leaned over and grabbed a handful of black sand that was burned by the fire,Take a closer look,Nodded secretly,Palm together,The black sand has turned into a very fine powder and leaked from the fingers。
The golden yellow sand has been completely changed,On the surface it is the result of incineration,In fact, the chaotic rules changed its properties,The source is the blood of the boy after Bibotan soaked,This is also the reason why the white chaotic mountains and rocks become soil。
“Are you going to withdraw?Don’t make Lao Tzu go crazy。”
Teenager smile,Then waved,The milky white halo enveloped the whole body turned into a thick mist and drifted away,Shrouded like light smoke on those eight fireballs like the sun。
The fireball gradually changes,Move closer together、Fusion,Then the dazzling white light became soft,Dim soon,Finally shrunk into a cloud,Wandering back to the boy,Turn into a halo again,But this layer of halo is more dazzling and solid than before。
That tall figure looks interesting,I forgot why I screamed at the boy just now,“juvenile,You are good at it,When will the Holy Fire Temple come out such a magical technique?”
The teenager wants to laugh again,But can’t laugh,Only then did he deeply realize that big eyes often scorn everything.,The ancestor continent including the free world,All too primitive,Too behind,Low-end practice system,No matter the ordinary Tianzun,Still a high-level supernatural power,Can’t touch the power of rules。
Only a very small number of top powerhouses can barely comprehend the rules,Such as Huo Tianzun and Shenghuang,Another example is the creator of the Five Elements Temple I just saw,They all fall into this category,He could see the chaotic properties in the milky halo at least at a glance。
By contrast,The palace lord of the Houtu Temple in front of him is a little worse in level,Although he cultivated the divine power techniques of Ancestor Mainland to the extreme,Can’t break through that line of horizon comprehension rules,It’s hard to become a real top power。
Unconsciously,The young man has stood by one he didn’t know、But in the eyes of high-level supernatural beings, it’s difficult to see the problem.,This is certainly related to his encounter in a mysterious place,More importantly, he belongs to the mysterious place.,Bibotan’s repeated washing,Gave him great benefits。
“This is not the power of the Holy Fire Temple,This fire comes from Lieyang Palace。”The teenager had no intention of joking,But have to explain,I’m afraid it will consume a lot of tongue but it is difficult to say clearly,A word with a bias,The teenager is still a little guilty,Don’t think this old man is tall and mighty now,In fact, it’s just a ray of soul,It’s not good to cheat like this。
“No wonder,But you are young,How is it related to that old monster?”
Juvenile headache,It seems that lying is asking for trouble,A lie needs more lies to cover up,Had to bite the bullet,“A little chance,Jinwu Sacred Palace Introduction。”
“wrong,You lied to me。No one knows that the old monster and the golden crow are not dealing with each other?How can it introduce you?”
“indeed so。”Teenagers don’t want to waste time,“Old Palace Lord,I have already broken your yellow sand,Can you say goodbye to it after some explanation?”
“Hey,How can you be so cheap at a young age?”Although the old man scolded,But there will be no further action,He looked at the black sand,Long sigh,“Having broken my divine power,I speak naturally,The mantle cannot be passed on to you,But there are a few things for you,Half yours,Half take care of my disciples and grandchildren。”
Just finished,The old man grabs it,I have an khaki bag in my hand,Suddenly his complexion became more serious,“Who is the head of the Houtu Temple??”