But Quan Xingguo still dare not move,Watching the surroundings carefully,The feeling just now is very real,Many years of field experience told him,That’s the feeling of being pointed at by a gun,Can’t be wrong,As for what gun it is, he can’t say,Mostly a rifle with a long range。

Quan Xingguo carefully moved his arm and took out his phone,For fear that the movement will cause the vegetation to shake and expose the position,The opponent is an extremely dangerous snake,very patient,He can’t let Gu Jian and others come and take risks,He wrote a sentence with difficulty and sent it out,I was already sweating profusely,It can be seen that the gunman poses a great threat to him。
So stalemate for nearly five minutes,Not only did this dangerous breath not disappear,Instead it gets stronger and stronger,The opponent should be slowly approaching him,Quan Xingguo exhausted his eyes and hearing, but he couldn’t locate this person.,Can’t help making him restless,I was secretly surprised that there was a dragon and a tiger in this lawless town,No wonder Wu Fang disappeared so bizarre,The instructor made a mistake this time,Inexplicably led everyone to touch the butt of a big tiger。
Thinking about,Suddenly there was a noise in the forest opposite,It seems that people or large animals are shuttled in the forest,A figure rushed out of the forest,Staggering,Very embarrassed with a limping,Quan Xingguo carefully identified,Almost screamed in surprise,It’s actually Tao Meng!
Tao Meng’s clothes are in tatters,The face is also stained with blood,The left arm seems to be broken,Unnatural shaking of the shoulders,The whole person’s mental state is extremely poor,Standing by the woods is very confused,Seems to be hesitating in which direction to go。
“Bang!”A clear gunshot,From behind Quan Xingguo,Tao Meng from the forest in the distance screamed in pain,Kneeled on the ground,The poisonous snake hiding in the dark broke Tao Meng’s left leg with a shot,Quan Xingguo’s anger starts from the heart,Turn the gun right away,I saw the grass swaying less than 200 meters away,But there is no other living thing,This person is extremely fast,After the fight, he left the hiding place。
Shameful shame!Quan Xingguo feels bored,At the same time, cold sweat on my forehead,The opponent actually touched such a close distance,If I made a little big move just now, I would become the opponent’s ghost under the gun,Such opponents are rare in their lives,No less than the Ling Feng who I saw in Yunshan back then。
Chapter six hundred and ninety eight Destruction Bureau
Obviously a trap,But Tao Meng can’t help but save,Quan Xingguo couldn’t just watch his companion suffer like this,He carefully observed the 60-degree sector in front of him,150 meters in depth is the limit,No matter how fast the killer is, it is impossible to leave this range,Then he moved his position quietly,Make one’s own observation perspective bigger,I dialed Gu Jian’s phone。
“what’s the situation?”Gu Jian is anxious,He just brought people back to Fengyitai,But Quan Xingguo told him to brake,Don’t know what happened。
“On the south or north side of the road?”
“North side。”
“it is good,Take the road in front of Fengyitai as a horizontal line,The tallest locust tree at the edge of the forest is the origin of the coordinates,I’m at 55 degrees,Did you see Tao Meng??He is at fifty degrees,The height difference between us is about 100 meters。”
“Oh my God!”Gu Jian’s exclamation came from the microphone,“I saw……”
“The opponent has a gunman,superb,Between fifty five and sixty degrees,The height difference with mine is no more than 150 meters,Do you have a long guy in your hand?”
“No,This bastard wants to use Tao Meng to kill you。”Gu Jian instantly understood the situation,I’m also gnashing my teeth,Angry Mo Ming,“Don’t panic,I let a brother interfere with him。”
“Going directly is going to die。”Quan Xingguo quickly stopped,“Hear me out,Let your people go around behind the gunner and approach slowly,Two people must travel in two directions at the same time,It’s okay if something moves,Creeping forward,Don’t take it easy,Don’t post it within 200 meters,The opponent’s marksmanship is very accurate。”
“understand。”Gu Jian does not argue,Quan Xingguo is a sniper,Cold shots have the most say,This time the instructor led the special operations team to attack,Gu Jian is one of the nine team members,But none of his six subordinates were official team members,Has not been taken apart,He was also brought here at the request of the instructor,Cooperate in secret。