Wang Youcai, don’t look at him a bit rude,But in the face of big things,Still very careful,He rearranged the whole process,This allowed Wu Wu to lead the van and follow his car。

Guided by Wang Xiaomei,Tian Wa drove slowly into an alley in East Street。Stopped in front of a low courtyard。
“This is Er Lengzi’s House”Wang Youcai asked again。
Wang Xiaomei nodded and said:“His home”
Wang Youcai pulled the car door and jumped down,He put a pair of big sunglasses on his face,Then waved,After Tian Wa and Wu Wu follow,He stepped on the closed courtyard door。
Five mud houses,Looks a bit poor。A motorcycle parked in the middle of the yard,Wang Youcai took a look,Just recognized,Which car Er Lengzi is riding。
The door of the upper room is wide open,There was noise from several men inside,Listen carefully,It turned out that a few people were drinking。No wonder Wang Youcai brought so many people into his yard and no one knew。
Neighbors of Er Leng Family,Seeing so many people rushing into the gate of Er Leng’s house,There are some bold people,Sneaking over to watch。
Wang Youcai’s formation,It looks like a movie。He just wanted to give Er Lengzi a fight,Let him retreat。
Wang Youcai winked at Wu Wu,Wu Wu found an empty wine bottle in the yard,Slammed against a piece of glass on the window。With a click,The noise inside the house then stopped,Immediately after, Er Lengzi rushed out of the door。
“Which bastard…”Er Lengzi was frightened by the scene before him。He scolded half,Stopped immediately。
Three men ran out of the house one after another,But when these three men ran out,It’s like getting an electric shock,First surprised,Then no sound。
Wang Youcai waved his hand,Wu Wu rushed up with his people,Formed a half-circle against the group of Er Lengzi。Er Lengzi is playing sideways in Baishui Town,But this big scene,He saw it for the first time。
But when he saw Wang Xiaomei standing beside Wang Youcai,Seems to understand something。He borrowed,Hehe smiled and said:“Wang Xiaomei!What do you want to do?”
“I don’t want to do anything,I just want to tell you。Between us from now on,Nothing to do。Did you hear clearly?”Wang Xiaomei asked coldly。of course,Wang Youcai told her these words in advance。
Er Lengzi grinned and said:“Even if you fucking don’t want to marry me,Don’t bring someone to threaten me!”This guy is really a stunned boy。Things have reached this point,But his mouth is still very hard。
Wang Youcai coughed and said:“You fucking don’t see the yellow river or cry。I dared to beat Lao Tzu this morning,I will let you know,What does lao tzu do?”
Wang Youcai waved his hands,Wu Wu and Tian Wa rushed forward with someone。These people brought by Wu Wu,When they came, they were all holding sticks,Looks pretty scary。