Now,Chen Geng more affirmed Ferruccio·Lamborghini’s previous remarks were made deliberately by him。

“Since you won’t let me suffer from the price,I’ll talk about my conditions,”Ferruccio·Lamborghini happy way:“I request to keep10%Shares and a board seat。”
“no problem,”Chen Geng nodded:“Are there any other conditions?”
10%Shares and one board seat,From this request, we can tell that Ferruccio·The purpose of Lamborghini:He doesn’t want to leave Lamborghini,I don’t want Lamborghini to completely separate from myself,This share ratio will not have much impact on the company’s operations and strategy,Simultaneously,If Lamborghini makes money in his own hands in the future,He can get some shares,No good,In the future, you can sell this part of the shares to cash out。
From this perspective,What the old man thinks is really long-term,But it doesn’t matter,It depends on the relationship between the two,Just Ferruccio·Lamborghini’s conditions are not excessive,I can agree。
Ferruccio·Lamborghini really has other conditions:“If you increase capital, expand shares and even go public in the future,My shares can only be diluted up to2.5%,And the seat on the board of directors is permanently reserved;Also in terms of propaganda,Must guarantee Lamborghini’s Italian origin。”
“As a friend,I also promise,As long as you are the operator of the company,I promise to always stand by your side。”
“OK,”Chen Geng smiled:“Deal!”
Ferruccio·Lamborghini,She’s still very smart,But also,Although his management of Lamborghini was not successful,But being able to manage Lamborghini to be alongside Ferrari in such a short period of time、The only supercar brand in the world,Ferruccio·Lamborghini can have two brushes?
This is no longer a problem with two brushes,Ferruccio·Lamborghini has at least eight or nine brushes in his hand,The only problem is,Lamborghini is alone,And what about Ferrari,They are backed by the big tree of Fiat Group,It’s natural to enjoy the cold。
But it can be interpreted from another angle,Ferruccio·Lamborghini can be born under the suppression of Fiat Group,Lamborghini can be achieved by himself,What else can you ask for?Back to the futureAMCLamborghini of this big tree,Naturally it is worth having more expectations。
“Deal!”Ferruccio·Lamborghini slapped Chen Geng’s hand heavily,Then winked at Chen Geng:“Fernandez,my friend,I know you are not short of money,There is no shortage of women if you have money,But i tell you,The gentleness of Italian girls is unmatched by American girls。”
“Ferruccio really decided to retreat from the rapids?”Received a call from Chen Geng,Jack·Welch almost bit his tongue in surprise:My ears are alright?I heard it right。
“Ok。”Chen Geng is in a happy mood,He can imagine Jack on the phone·Welch’s face,What kind of expression is it at this moment。
Jack·Welch did not speak,The reason for not speaking is that he suddenly didn’t know what to say,There is an extremely absurd feeling in my heart:I knew I was going to talk to Ferruccio·Lamborghini this bastard talk,It would not be enough for Chen Geng to hold so many Lamborghini shares。
The reason why he asked Chen Geng to be Ferruccio·Lamborghini’s persuasion work,The main reason is that he is not even sure he can convince Ferruccio.·Lamborghini buys Lamborghini shares to itself,Who in the world does not know Ferruccio·Lamborghini is a stubborn bull、A stubborn donkey、A smelly and hard stone in a pit?