But no one said bad things about Chen Geng,After listening to the report of the Chinese Embassy in the United States、Knowing that Chen Geng seems to have a good relationship with the current leader,Chen Geng’s weight in the hearts of the senior management is completely different,I went up a few steps in an instant。

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First555chapter I’ve been spotted a long time ago
? “Chen,Do you think my dress looks good?”Karen in a light gold evening dress·Carpenter turned lightly in front of Chen Geng,Asked with a smile。
There are two days before the New Year’s dinner at the White House,Chen Geng by Karen·Carpenter dragged it out in the name of helping her choose her evening dress。
of course,Whether it’s Karen·Carpenter’s identity is still the level of the White House New Year’s dinner,Carpenter’s evening dresses are impossible to buy mass-produced goods off the assembly line,Must be tailored,In fact, Carpenter’s evening dress began to be customized when she officially received the invitation from the White House.。
Nowadays,It’s not so much Carpenter invited Chen Geng to choose the evening dress,It’s better to say that Carpenter wants to show him his beauty in front of Chen Geng。
“Pretty!Simply perfect!”
Really beautiful,Tailor-made evening dresses will be Karen·Carpenter’s figure is perfectly set off,Chen Geng held his chin and looked carefully,Smile and nod:“I believe you must be the most dazzling one at the dinner party。”
“really?”Carpenter bowed his head slightly shyly:“You really think i’m pretty?”
“Yes,Miss Karen,This evening dress really matches you very well,Set off your figure just right,”Without waiting for Chen Geng to answer,Karen·Carpenter’s assistant and makeup artist echoed,Finished,She glanced at Chen Geng secretly,Said again:“Mr. Fernandez has a good vision。”
The little assistant doesn’t know his boss and Fernandez·What is the relationship between Chen, the famous super diamond king of the United States?,I can actually pull the other party out to help me choose the evening dress,But this time,As a small attendant, I just need to help my boss desperately.。
As for Chen Geng’s assistant Kelly·Hicks,Pouting,not talking。