As for Murong Ningbing,Anyway, Lin Yu didn’t say anything about himself,Don’t worry about it,What’s more, Xia Chenglong is also willing to adult beauty,After all, I would rather demolish ten temples than destroy a marriage!

But something Xia Chenglong didn’t know,This falling flower intentionally,Ruthless,Although Lin Yu likes Murong Qianxue,But Murong Qianxue,I like him,The relationship between these three people is really complicated。
The three of them just keep going,But because the relationship between the three people is very delicate,So the three of them have been awkward to get along along the way。
Lin Yu always pays attention to Murong Ningbing,And she,As long as there is a chance, stick to Xia Chenglong’s body。
But Xia Chenglong wanted to match,Murong Ningbing and Lin Yu,So on this road,The relationship between these people is still extremely delicate and complicated。
But finally early the next morning,This group of people came to Tianxuanfeng,After arriving at Tianxuan Peak,Even if Murong Ningbing doesn’t let go,I’m going to be separated from Xia Chenglong,Because at this time he is going to the law enforcement hall,Explain this matter clearly。
If you can explain this clearly,Then everything is in peace,If this matter is unclear,,Then the questions are coming!
Law enforcement hall。
“Old five,What do you think of this thing?It’s been so many days now,Lin Yu hasn’t come yet,Is that kid,Has been killed by Xia Chenglong?!”
The fifth elder heard the fourth elder say so,It was also taken aback:“Can’t it,What does that kid say,Ask the strength of the peak of the gods,And Xia Chenglong, have we checked,Is he just asking about the strength of the gods??will not,will not,Even if this affection is separated by a small level, the difference is a thousand miles away.,So Xia Chenglong shouldn’t do anything to him,Maybe it was delayed on the road!”
“I don’t think so,Xia Chenglong is very weird,Didn’t you find out?This kid’s previous battles have always leapfrogged,I don’t know where he went?Can actually have such strength!”
“Hard to say,Hard to say,But this time he should not go against,We mean one more,We didn’t really fight,I want to do something to him,We just plan to ask him some information,He still can’t make a jump!”
“Ok,Old five,What you said makes sense,I just talk about it casually,Uncountable,Uncountable!”
And at this moment,Two people heard it,One of my own disciples ran in in a panic:“Master,Master…”