An annual output of 70,000 tons of artificial graphite anode materials integrated base project located in Changzhi

Cui Yan WASHINGTON correspondent reports: In the whole city in-depth study and implement the spirit of provincial Party Congress on the occasion, November 3, Lucheng District government and BTR New Materials Group Co., Ltd. held artificial graphite anode materials Integrated Site Project the signing ceremony, marking the bilateral cooperation to make substantial progress, important for the city to promote high-quality all-round development, accelerate the construction of resource-based cities transformation and upgrading of the national demonstration area.

Party Secretary Yang Qin Rong, deputy secretary, acting mayor Chen ear East attended and witnessed the signing.

Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Zhang Lifeng, Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Hu Yong, Bei Terui New Materials Group Co., Ltd. He Xueqin participate. The city firmly implement the new concept of development, adhere to the project construction as the first support economic work, focus on key areas, to promote the continued high, constantly optimize the business environment, strengthen the "promised land + + standard system-wide agency" reform and integration effect and attract the Branch Lu’an, Godson in the Division, sophisticated telecommunications legislation, Shanghai Shen head of energy and other companies have landed in Changzhi, a group of high-growth, landmark project to speed up production and deliver results.

The signing of an annual output of 70,000 tons of artificial graphite anode materials integrated base project, proposed in Lucheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, a total investment of billion production line covers crushing, granulation, coating, carbonization and other negative front-end process, graphite screening and product-oriented negative electrode, in addition to magnetic, packaging processes. A project will start in November this year, in October 2022 put into operation, expected annual output value of 1.4 billion.

Before the signing ceremony, Yang Qin Rong He Xueqin and his party held talks.

Chen ear East, introducing economic and social development of the city said that this year, the city thoroughly implement the important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary visited Shanxi important instructions, and resolutely implement the provincial decision-making arrangements with one hand and take the lead in the transformation of traditional industries, on the one hand strategy lead the transformation of emerging industries, to support efforts to build a high-quality development of the modern industrial system. The province has just concluded 12th Congress proposed to build the country Changzhi resources city transformation and upgrading demonstration area, the city of Changzhi Congress defined the next five years to achieve high-quality development in the first rise in the central region, to build a modern city Taihang Mountains the goal, which has brought more new advantages for the future development of Changzhi, new opportunities, but also for enterprises to invest in the long stage to provide a broad and fertile soil to grow. Barrett New Materials Group as the leading new energy materials industries and enterprises, leading anode material, lithium-ion battery development direction of advanced materials, in line with the needs of industrial development in Changzhi, bilateral cooperation has great potential, with a bright future.

The city will continue to build a fair and just legal environment, convenient and efficient administrative environment, credit environment of honesty and trustworthiness, open enlightened human environment, improve the quality elements of security environment to accelerate and promote the implementation of the project ground, to boost business bigger and stronger inject a strong driving force for the city to promote high-quality all-round development. He Xueqin respect to Changzhi Commerical favorable business environment, fostering growth of the firm determination of strategic emerging industries, to support business innovation and entrepreneurship truth sincerity gave high praise. Said it would give full play to their own advantages, in close connection with the actual Changzhi, in the field of energy storage applications, battery recycling, materials research and development of graphene applications continue to expand cooperation in space, new modes of cooperation, to promote more projects in Changzhi floor layout, to join the new power Changzhi energy industry development, to better achieve mutual benefit and win-win enterprise.