for example“No team can never lose”,“IGObvious becauserookieIs the body uncomfortable??” Shot of this,Also constantly enlightened between live broadcasts。
But unfortunately,These people disgusting people,How can you manage you?IGWhat did the fan say??
The palace is slightly sighing,He doesn’t know why these people do this.,He doesn’t want to know。
after all,Before he didn’t play a career,This kind of thing is already unrelenting.。
The original popularity team,After losing a few games,Just causing a lot of rhythm。
Not only the team’s arms have a thousand feet,Even the original popularity,They will make anti-their poison。
Far can be traced backS3Royal,S4ofEDG,And their teamADCNa Beauty。
close,BeS5ofLDGAnd Wei Shen,BesidesS6S7ofEDGFortress。
recent,that isS8ofRNGNS。
But fortunately,IGJust lose relatively less important moral cup。
Not like these teams,Carrying hope to go to the World,Then the miserable defeat。
But even if this is the case,Current rhythm,All letIGThe team members are very difficult to accept。
This online people become too fast.?
After being attracted by this movement,Wang Hai also saw these contents。
After reading a small meeting,Wang Hai wrinkled directly,Then open the mouth:“Mobile phone is closed,Prepare for the game。”
IGEveryone is very clear about the Wang Hai.,In addition, his ability to show this time is indeed a more prominent.。
so,After hearing this sentence,ngIt is directly to put your own mobile phone,Then put it on the table。
“When resting in the parcel,Don’t play mobile phones。”
Wang Hai’s words,ngI can’t help but look up,It’s ready to resist。
But he just looked up,I found that Wang Hai is staring at himself.。
Toned to the mouth,ngSnoring“Um”A sound。
“Face these rhythm,Only your strength on the game,Is the most powerful root。”
Wang Hai said this sentence,Then I sat.IGCentral of the lounge。
“Now,Let’s do it.BPPreord。”
“Welcome back to Demasia Cup,The second game of the finals of the victor group,I am explaining Wu Di。”
“I am an explanation of zero。”
Both people introduce themselves,I can’t help but use some concerns.,LookIGAt this time。
“rookiePlayner,It seems to be at the time,The body is very uncomfortable.。”
“Yes,But he did not choose to give up the game.,Instead, it is laid on the forehead.,Also choose to play the game。”
In the picture,Shot of the lensrookie,His forehead on white is very conspicuous。
“come on,I must fight those faces.。”
ngSoundIGThe team is ringing,I also won the response of my teammates soon.。
“come on!”
“come on。”
“come on。”
“Fake oil。”
This bureauIG,After the wheel goes to them,Still choosing red square。
andTOPFormer three handsbanpeople,In this case,Choose the top three of the top three directlyban。
Cattle head、Luo and Egate directly enterbanPool。