Coriander is a Hulai, commonly known as coriander.

Genus Umbelliferae.

Tender seedlings are used as vegetables, medicinal fruits or whole grass.

It is widely cultivated in North and South China.

  The taste is spicy and warm.

  The distillate contains volatile carbonated oil, 60-70% of d-Agarwood, the main component of the oil, terpineol, dipentene, borneol acetate, vinegar agarwood carbonate, etc.

It also contains fatty oils.

  Pharmacology 1.

Rubella for measles transmission can promote plasma circulation.


Aromatic and healthy stomach, expelling wind and detoxifying.

  The function is suitable for pediatric measles, rubella unpleasant, or repeated and repeated, and meat food poisoning.

  [小儿麻疹初期,尤其是透发不快者]  鲜芜荽菜,或芜荽子适量煮汤,乘热置患儿鼻旁熏,或蘸汤热拭颜面及颈项,可促麻疹快透,加用芜荽, Guai Liu, Puerariae each 9 grams, decoction.

  [胃弱消化不良]  芜荽子、陈皮各6克,茅术9克,水煎服。  [痔疮肿痛,肛门脱垂]  芜荽(或芜荽子)煮汤熏洗,同时用醋煮芫荽子,以湿布温罨患部。  [流感]  黄豆9克,芫荽30克(干的6克),水煎服。