Liao Wenjie took a business card,Justice in the pocket,Elevator directly to underground parking,Touching a fragrant business card and paper towel from the pocket,手 手 进。

joke,He is not good, you are good.!
Running car to Hover Center underground parking lot,Liao Wenjie opened the yang eyes,Did not find a ghost soldier,Sniffing the ghost to arrive at the first floor hall。
“Just entering the night, you can’t kill.,Did you go to the tire??”Liao Wenjie secretly thinks,Walk toward a rich corner of a ghostless corner。
When I started construction company information,He knows,Hover Center Building has been built for many years,Also, these two years have just begun to build and operate,But the ghost nest layout is absolutely short,It is very likely that Tianzhong is ready to be prepared.。
architect、Chairman of the investigation board、Death of the construction worker,Just part of the initial layout,The death of three designers last month,It is necessary to officially kick out the conspiracy curtain。
Clever,Whether it is a nine synony、Otaku、Tanaka,Frequently in recent events。
Surface,It is because Lyon is dead.,Harbor island lacks a top pillar,Julievan to the demon ghost。
You can see the multi-year layout of the hood center,Easy to find,Regardless of the form of Hong Kong Island,Tanaka Dasu is going to live,The death of Yunluo is just accelerating this process.。
Liao Wenjie feels feeling,Ghost nest buried in the Underground Island, not reflecting the Male Dago and Tanaka,The land will also jump out of other big sizes.,It is not uniform, it is a bunch of a bunch.。
Liao Wenjie really wants to say a sentence,The strange things are more beneficial to him brush money.,The more ghosts,The more system rewards that are brushed,But people live,I would rather don’t have these broken things.。
Second floor,A young security holding a flash rubber roller patrol,Road passing through the small single room of fire protection equipment,Suddenly hear‘Tinkling’A sword out of sheath。
Small single room can only put extinguisher,It is difficult to hide individuals,How can someone pull the sword inside??
Young security,Lift your hand,Want to pull the wooden door open。
A hand reaching out,Tightly buckle young security wrist,Scared him。
“you,who are you,Overtime?”
“I am here to check the case.,Trouble you with。”
Liao Wenjie does not explain,Take out the police officer to wear the chest,With this layer of identity,Doing things is simple,Although the young security guard has doubts,Still standing next to it。
Be awkward,Liao Wenjie,The face is a ghost army,Hold a hands over a long knife,I don’t say it, I don’t say it.。
啷 啷~~~
Cold light,The knife is hit by Liao Wenjie,Blade,Flying in the ground。
Young security, scared two legs,One ass sitting on the ground,Support your hand to the corner,Gigrenomyman。
Blade break,Ghosts are in a small single room,Do not wait for him, two sentences,Liao Wenjie,Draw his ugly face,Probe in its ear。
“Heaven and earth nature,Gas……”
Sorrowful,Take a black smoke together with the long knife of the break。
Liao Wenjie helpless,Refining the road end,Daoxiao,It is very commonplace that the ghost has caught the net.。
It’s like this.,The eight words have not been finished.,Thoroughly fly ash annihilation。
Too,Is there a bit lasting?,I can listen to the ninety-three words of the threat of the poor and pass the net world.?
No way,A round of a round,I don’t really have a ghost.!
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