“Doctor Fang sent Miss Hu back……He has already treated you!Doctor Fang’s medical skills,It’s still so reliable!”

Jiang Yiyun sighed。
They also planned to use western medicine。
did not expect,I still want Fang Yu to shoot!
“I’m all right?”
Jiang Wan’er was surprised。
Why did Fang Yu send Hu Yili back??
This is what she doesn’t understand the most!
“daughter,Your head burned out, right?They said you have a fever before……”
Jiang Yiyun cares about Tao。
“dad,You think too much……I just want to see a doctor。Thank him so much!”Jiang Wan’er wants to know,Did Fang Yu find that guy?。
“Take a good rest now,I’ll let him come!”
Although Jiang Yiyun feels strange to her daughter’s request。