Yang Wei and Taiyuan Long Princess have children,It is also a blood with a high home.。If you want to sing to the Gao Baoyi,The family is clear and sooner or later.。

He can see it,Northern family supports Gao Baoyi’s strength,With the other party“Binding level”,Differently a bit far。
“Alang,Cui Shi is coming。”
The old servant whispered outside the book.。
Cui Shi is Cui Jishu,He came to find Yang Yu in the middle of the night.,Needless to say,Just to discuss things tonight.。
As long as the eyes are not ignorant,I saw that Gao Bao almost almost turned away.,He must not be good for。What is going on?,What is the back?,Then I don’t say it.。
This is very like a place with a high ocean.,That is, I don’t like to play the card according to the routine.,And Gao Baoyi has a huge intelligence,But there is no madness and madness of the ocean,It can even be said that it is an angry.。
Long time,This person’s power is more terrible。
He may change the chance to change。
Cui Ji Shujin entered the study,The face is the same as Yang Wei,Are full face。
“Gao Bo Yi is not in advance with you?I always feel,He has to make a big movement tomorrow.。”Cui Ji Su is worried。
He is a big official from the family.,But he is not the words of Boling Cui,Family interior,Self-funded rules and processes,Not to say who is the official,Who is the length of the family。
He also felt today,The family is sloping to Gao Baoyi.,It seems that this didn’t take this moment.。
But think about it.。
Beforehand,These people are in。
Gratify,These people are still。
After passing through Gao Cheng and a high ocean,Two have been ancient,However, the family is still good.。
Iron hits,Emperor,What’s more, Gao Biyi is not an emperor.,He is mostly half a power contest.。People can’t see Gao Bao Yi is normal。
“Before,I told him the things of the Yucheng granary.,Food sent from Chen Guo,Has been in the position。”
Yang Wei said Shen Sheng。
As for the South Chen, why agreed to make a large-scale salt to change food transactions with North Qi,He is also a heard,But there is no exact message。
It is said that it is the secret of Gao Bao to send Chen Chang, Chen Chang, Chen Chang, Chen Chang.,Then Chen Guo banned the army Houan took over!
And I also heard that this one is not in peace of mind.,Instead, encounter wind waves in the Yangtze River,Sinking with the ship,Life and death!
There are many things in this way.。
“So,Since you don’t miss more,Gao Bao wants to do something?”
Yang Wei and Cui Ji Shu two face each other,There is no answer。
NS902chapter Two hands caught two hands very hard(2)
Spring sleepy autumn lack summer snoring,Crazy tossing overnight,Gao Baoyi is the gas that is affected by the family.“Vent”Come out。Rao is a strong,Some backache is also a backache when you get up in the morning.。
“Alang,Recently, I have to go to the princess there, and I have never been here.,I always feel a bit uncomfortable.。”
Light drill Li Zhilin hides in the blanket,Stretch your hand and catch Gao Biyi。
“I see,I am just afraid of giving a wrong signal.,It is also not late after it.。”
Gao Biyi has not seen high recently.,Naturally, there is his consideration inside,Or,He is deliberate,Don’t want to give people a wrong signal in the middle of the family!
It’s too close to the Gao Lang.,Will make people think that you want to be a dog as a lifetime,Unhappy,This will cause quite unnecessary troubles.。
certainly,Sulk,Naturally, transmitting a signal to the Gaogue Royal,That is, His Gao Bao has his own ideas and intended.,This will also cause non-discussing。
The two harm is light,Where is the perfect thing in the world?。
“Alang,The power of the family is under water,You don’t look at them.。I won’t let me marry the world when I was.,I can’t take us after the wife。”
Li Shini is afraid that Gao Bao is impulsive,Worried。
“When did you regenerate a daughter??Is it not very lonely??”
Gao Biyi asked。