“It’ll be fine in a while。”The old voice suddenly became very loving,Juvenile softhearted,From the inside and outside of the hall,The decay is about to collapse,Does this mean the death of the elderly,Even more strange is,Except for him,Everyone turned a blind eye to this dangerous scene?

“Not turning a blind eye,They can’t see,Except you and Qiu Kejian,No one can see。”
“Is Qiu Kejian Uncle Qiu??”
“Not bad。”
“Because you and him are the same kind of people,All mortal,The five-element body rare among mortals。”
“Five Elements?”
“Too many questions,child,Later you will understand,But i can’t wait。”
“Please promote the new palace lord。”The ceremonial officer once again sang and urged。
Juvenile helpless,Stepped and turned,Various lighting objects have illuminated the square in front of the temple like daylight,The square is crowded with people from the Five Elements Island,My torch’s tall and burly figure is still conspicuous,But at this time he is also very serious,Didn’t even dare to look up into the hall,Young man,Sat in the seat。
Seems to be an ordinary sitting,The teenager only feels slightly cool in his buttocks,But the whole hall trembled very briefly,Soon settled down,The boy found that the stone pillars in the temple began to crack at a speed visible to the naked eye,Even the walls on the left and right have large cracks,But all this,Except for him,Invisible to everyone。
The old man beside Yun began to read the Five Elements Palace sacrificial text aloud,This long prepared ritual is very boring and obscure,The boy barely understood a few words and ended,The effect is that the five elements begin with chaos,Heaven and Earth Rubbing the Five Elements,And deduced everything。
In the depths of the hall, there is suddenly a burst of colorful light,The photo-printed whole hall is very bright,Everyone inside and outside the hall bows down,Shanhu,“Five elements aggregation,Heaven and earth live forever!”
Xiaguang breaks down into several beams and circled in front of the boy’s seat for several times.,Once again merged into a thick beam of light, rushing out of the hall without staying,Straight to the cloud,Disappear instantly。
“Congratulations to the lord,The ceremony is complete!”Li Yun once again led the crowd to salute the youth,The old man reading the sacrificial text suddenly burst into tears,Sobbing,And the boy was immersed in an old sigh。
“He has gone,Let me out!”The young man got up and said something out of his head,And left the hall,Everyone had to file out。