At the urging of Xia Jianren,Alice and Ruth stopped as scheduled,Except for the two of them,There are also four U.S. nationals travelling together,This surprised Xia Jian。

That day,Xia Jian brought Tong Juan and a company bus,Pick up at the airport in person。When Alice came out of security,She almost ran towards Xia Jian,I can see that this woman still likes Xia Jian very much。
Because everyone knows the meaning of this meeting,Get back to business soon,They went to Donghu Park first,Then I went to the Leading Group。Under Xia Jian’s instruction,Gu Yue gave this reception a huge momentum。I also invited some local secondary media。
It’s best for everyone to have a substantive discussion in the conference room,Time was limited to four minutes by Xia Jian。The last is the reception dinner。Everything goes in order,Every link is very reasonable and reasonable。
Put on the banquet,Xia Jian replaces wine with water,Circulate among the people,Even if he does,No one will doubt,The vice president of the leading company will use boiled water to fill the liquor。
Once the banquet is over,Xia Jian arranged for someone to send Alice and Ruth back to the hotel,He pretended to be drunk,Took a taxi back to his community。
As soon as he entered the gate of the community, he went straight to the underground parking lot,Where does he stop the day before yesterday4SA Mercedes-Benz from the storeSUV,He didn’t want such a high-end car,But Gu Yue said it was a problem with the company’s image,Besides, it was bought under the name of the company,He Xia Jian has no say。But the right to use is still there。
Open the car door and go up,Xia Jian sat on it for a while,Started the car,Go straight to the hotel where Alili and the others stayed。Some things seem to be done by yourself,It’s really nothing difficult,Like this driving,He practiced all morning,He drove the car by himself the next day,In addition to the two days of commuting and driving a practice,He feels that his car skills have passed。
It’s past eleven o’clock in the evening,GZThe nightlife here is just beginning,But there are a lot fewer cars on the road。Xia Jian turned on the radio,Listening to the melody of the city,While driving the car comfortably。
Unconsciously,Soon we arrived at the hotel where Alice and the others were staying。After Xia Jian parked the car,He went straight into the elevator,Go straight to Alice2806Room No.。
Hear a knock,Alice opened the door in a silk pajamas,As soon as Xia Jiangang entered,This passionate woman gave Xia Jian a big hug。
Embraced by women dressed like sexy,It made Xia Jian really excited。After two people sit down,Alice said with a smile:“Aren’t you drunk?I thought you wouldn’t be coming?”
“There were too many people during the meal just now,To make this play more realistic,So I can only hide and talk to you,Can you understand this“Xia Jian explained to Alice first,So as not to misunderstand others。
Alice laughed:“how come,If i’m really angry,I won’t open the door for you just now,dont you agree?“
Alice talking and laughing,Stood up,Opened the gift box,Take out a bottle of red wine full of English,Then opened。
Beautiful Wine,At this time again,Xia Jian felt a little scared,Just in case,Isn’t it a bit embarrassing。