Phabiz,Gao Bi took the shoulder of Zheng Minmin.:“Since the last cold, it will,I think your brain is a lot.,I just wonderful,It’s just that I am.,The effect is far more than you said that you have said.。”

“real?”I heard this, Zheng Minxin heart,I can’t wait to grab Gao Bo Yi to someone else.。
“But isn’t it true?,You are not the value of Raiders,Please, I can still eat meat.?”
The two launched a laughter,Easy mood is very easy,after all,Pu 坂 broke the city,Zhou Guo has no worry.,Even if it is a Turkic person in the entry,At this moment, the first advantage has been lost.。
Chen Guo in the south,Various problems,I lost Jing Jing and two Huai,Not afraid。And Zhou Guo now opens the portal,Already a death countdown。
Qi State,Gao Bo Yi has been fully controlled by Yucheng,Jinyang,Qizhou,Three major main force。Huainan,Wang Lin also calm the scene。
Day of Qiao Yang,That is the time of the world。
Zheng Minmin has been busy in the military,a big part,It is about how to arrange things in Luoyang.,Including resettlement,Envelope,It is intended in Luoyang.。
Gao Baoyi inside and outside,Every step is precise,with a clear purpose。
Zheng Minmin is sincerely loves this man,The moth is in the fire.。Inner, decoction,It’s very different from the weak temperature in the weekdays.。
“Greater host!”
“Greater host!”
“Greater host!”
Gao Boyi walks all the way,There are uniforms who will be passionately。
Greater host,Forever,omnipotent,Uncomfortable battle!
“Long live!”
I don’t know who shouted this in the city.。
“Long live!”“Long live!”“Long live!”“Long live!”
The sound gradually gathered into a group,Hinge,Form resonance in Puchacheng,It seems that you can hear two words.。
this moment,Gao Biyi is not to feel yourself“Treatment”。
Pu 坂 is all over,Will Zhou Rang still far??Will the emperor still far??
At this moment,Two wearing Qi Jun!,It looks like the soldiers in the weeks.,Quietly raise the goddess army,Aiming Zheng Minmin。
Whoever people?
Gao Baoyi’s eye angle is seen.,A great horror in my heart。
If it is Zhou Jun, it is not unrest,But the two are the people of the gods.,Aiming at Zheng Minmin rather than him Gao Baoyi。
That’s very problematic.。
Gao Boyi hugs Zheng Minmin will fall down,There is a arrow behind it.。This arrow is an arrow,Powerful,As long as it is not a key,No life is worried。
“It’s not good.。”
Gao Boyi does not feel the feeling of painful pain,Because the stroke of the arrow is on the paper armor,It’s still behind,I can live in tomorrow.。
The bamboo pole will take the sword.,I follow several pro soldiers behind them.。
Today’s things suddenly,I can’t blame them.。
“Alang!What’s wrong with you?”