But only in front of Li Hui Feng,She feels that Li is always I haven’t been to I have I haven’t been to.。

The first thousand and forty-five chapters
Wu Feizhen looked at Li Hui Feng from the inside.。
As for other teachers, he is too lazy to see。
Because he saw the fear from the eyes of the teachers,fear,Only Li Rong is calm。
“You are Teacher Li?”
“Correct,You are Wu Feiyang.?”
Li Xiangqi got up and down the other party,I feel that Wu Feiyang has not rumored.。
Although the other party,But it is obvious that it has been moved in exercise。
Especially the opposite side of the opponent, although the meaning of fierce,But the spirit of the spirit is not too much.。
Such a pair of model,At first glance, I was blown out of the body.。
“You are still the first to have a prove to ask my teacher.,Give you a chance now,地 apologize,I spare you rude to me.。”
Wu Feiyang looked proudly,God finally fell on Li Hui。
Li Hui Feng is also a glimpse by Wu Feiyang.。
He thought Wu Feiyang would not reason,Will be arrogant,But I didn’t expect that the other party actually an opening is this kind of mistake.。
“hehe,If I don’t want it??”
Li Hui is directly exhausted, I feel a funny laugh.。
When is the student has already begun to have a good teacher?,When is the teacher actually has already managed the child only Iweno。
Watching a teacher next to him,In the face of Wu Feiyang,Actually no one is blocked。
Li Hui Feng understands the big environment,These people have no blood.。
“Do not kneel?
That is ready to prepare。”
Said that Wu Feiyang walked directly to Li Hui Feng,A huge way:“Do you know how to write?”
“I am a teacher,You said that I know, I still don’t know.?”
Face Wu Feiyang’s provocation,Li Hui has been suppressing,After all, he is a teacher.,Can’t do it first。
But I was forced by Wu Feiyang.,He doesn’t mind tealing the other party。
“Then you should know,But you should know not to hit me in front of me.,Otherwise, it’s not good.。”
“Give you a choice,Beggared for mercy,Then drill over,Either let me fight you,Drag the dog。”
Wu Feiyang said that this is arrogant,But everyone knows his temper,More I know the forces behind him.。
No one dares to come out to obstruct。
“hehe,Then I will also give you this issue.,Which one you choose??”
Facing an aggressive Wu Feiyang,Li Hui has not been afraid.。
But Wu Feiyang is directly frying.。
“Good gallbladder,Since you don’t choose,I greeted you.。”
Said that a punch has smashed the head of Li.。
This punch is like,He has confidence, Li Hui Hui lived on the spot.。
As for the follow-up, how to clean up Li,He will definitely give Li Hui’s unforgettable memories.。