Although the battle was short-lived,,But a discerning person knows that the Five Elements Island is over,With increasing casualties,The signs of a one-sided battle soon appeared,At this moment,Two dazzling lights fell rapidly from the sky。

Manager Luo, standing next to the handsome flag, has a warning sign,Suddenly looking up,Can’t help but be astonished,Two rays of light in the dark sky swoop down like comets,He recognized that the white light behind was Tianzun Li Tan,And the blue light in front should be the exotic monster that the two heavenly masters will design to capture tonight,Just what is the black stone on the front of the blue light?
Just a little dazed effort,The black stone expands sharply,When I can see how long the radius is,Only when a god realized it was a mountain!
One thousand one hundred and sixty-nine chapters Panicked
Manager Luo seems to have forgotten to avoid,The ability to move mountains and fill the sea in this way can only be touched by the powerhouse of Tianzun level,But as far as he knows,In the entire world of freedom, only the holy emperor and the fire heaven dare to do so easily,Could this extraterritorial monster have the ability to surpass them?
A radius of tens of miles is shrouded in the shadow of this mountain,The entire Chinese army camp,Even more than half of the battlefield,All the vigilant supernatural beings stopped fighting,Fleeing all around,But more silly、The guy who was stunned by this sight。
The mountain fell with a huge roar,Prestige is like overwhelming,Many people close to you can’t protect,Its eardrum was pierced on the spot,Others are quickly drawn into the invisible wind by the pattable suction,Shattered instantly。
Many low-level gods have never seen such a terrifying doomsday scene in their entire lives,But there are also many old people,Such a scene reminded them of the terrible moment when the Ancestor Mainland was destroyed,Can’t help but shudder。
The free world is a spindle-shaped space,No continent,The so-called islands are all land fragments moved from the ancestor mainland,The barrier of the entire space is supported by 36 psionic energy pillars,If you lose the protection of this barrier,The free world will quickly disintegrate under the ruthless impact of the void storm。
But the barrier is not completely closed,There is an open space channel at the end of the spindle,There are spirit stone drive mechanism control,The timing is mainly to release the foul air,Tianzun also relies on this channel to explore the outside world,So it is also called the golden channel。
in fact,The free world is much more fragile than imagined,Watch the top of the mountain,Otherwise, the golden channel will be completely penetrated,Very likely to bring disaster,Manager Eli looked up at the huge shadow and forgot to dodge,He doesn’t have the recklessness of worms shaking trees,But have the courage to die with the free world。
The mountain whizzes away like a little ant,The so-called battlefield is already in a mess,The huge void left by the mountain and the wind is shocking to the viewer。
“Daoyou stop!”
“Everything is negotiable!”
Li Tan is shouting in the sky,He is not without the power to stop,But can’t catch up,The monster outside the domain doesn’t know what method was used,Actually let this mountain fall faster than imagined,Li Tan is already terrified,So I suddenly gave up the idea of destroying this thief。
“evildoer!You don’t stop?”Brahma and He appeared on the other side of the blue light,But he can’t catch up,So threatened,“If you don’t stop,I threw the boy’s bones into ashes!”