And he didn’t know it took so long,Eat the first time you wake up。

Two bags of compressed biscuits,Four cans,And the remaining pieces of chocolate,Ate all,Then I feel the whole person is alive。
No one urged him,Wait till he finishes eating,Ningbei Zhicai said to start。
The cave entrance numbered fifty at the moment above the abyss,Chen Du standing in the rushing water。The view here is very wide,I can see almost every hole around the abyss,More than fifty sand worms hung upside down in the holes and swayed left and right。
This is a pretty weird picture,But Chen Du has watched for three days,Have witnessed it three times,Every time around nine o’clock, sandworms come out,About an hour,Will return to the cave。
He knows that this group of sandworms is keeping the unknown big formation running,Jade platform in the water deeper under the feet,That giant tripod is the eye,He has seen,But didn’t have a chance to look closely,Was taken away by Ningbei Zhizhi。
Actually he is not a land duck,Before awakening,He is also a great swimmer,But after awakening,He became a weight in the water,There is no chance to go swimming。
The moment the great change comes,He thought he was dead,Many people died,I can’t even retrieve the body,He’s not dead,Not even shit。
right now,He is here,And the people who recovered their lives from the abyss platform,Except for the four Taoist leaders,No one else left,Stay in the space under each grotto to practice。
Except for the underground space that Gan Yifan and Xu Wan discovered as a warehouse。There,Now a mess,Many swords and bamboo slips described by Xu Wan,Almost completely emptied。
Who moved away,He still doesn’t know,But I heard Ning Beizhi mentioned the discovery of the ground after the great changes in the abyss。
Five mutants from neighboring countries,Five backpacks,Four dead,Catch one alive,Backpack all recovered。
Through this matter,He suddenly felt that he was too at ease all these years,Sora has a metal ability,Possess the extraordinary ability to manipulate metals,But rarely have the opportunity to display,Nest in the military base,Almost none of the assignments have participated。
He now looks at the sandworms swaying around,Just thinking about this。