“Ten thousand?Should be more than,It won’t be 100,000?”Lu Youshan was surprised。

Master Fang shook his head blankly。
“one million?No way!”This time it was Lu Youshan’s turn to be surprised,Sneered。
Master Fang still shook his head firmly,Lightly:“Add another zero!”
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Chapter six hundred and eighty one Fuchun Mountain Residence
“Ten million?Oh my God!”Mr. Li next to him suddenly exclaimed。
I bought a painting for 600 yuan ten years ago,Actually worth ten million?Mr. Li’s face turned red all of a sudden。
Lu Youshan was also quelled,Muttered:“No way?There are so many?”
At this moment,The Master Fang nodded his head in a genuine manner,Smiled:“Of course,This price is only the current market,If you can find the right buyer,Only a lot more。”
“More than 10 million?”Lu Youshan’s eyes are straight this time。