“Hello there,excuse me, may I ask,Did you see one wearing a white t-shirt,Come in with a girl carrying durian in a milk box?”

“That lady just left。”
Just left?Can’t,He is standing at the door,Didn’t see it?
The waiter saw his doubts,Explain with a smile,“Mr,Our shop has two doors,She walked from there。”
Voice down,Huo Yun pushed out the door as fast as the wind,Standing in front of the store and looking around,There seem to be more people on the street than before,I can’t find the girl who makes him bewitched。
If he did not calculate wrong,She came out from that door,To chase it out,No more than one minute,This is less than sixty seconds,Let him miss the beauty。
The heat of the day is gone,The coolness of the night falls,The hustle and bustle continues regardless of time,There are more pedestrians on the street than during the day,I can see countless backs at a glance,Huo Yunhe felt for the first time that the country has too much population,In the blink of an eye,So big,I can’t find it in the crowd。
A deep sense of loss came to my heart,It can be said,Without the girl knowing,Love her at first sight,But because of a bad mood,Did not come forward to strike up a conversation。
Nowadays,He saw the girl he liked again,Take the initiative,Still a step too late。
in fact,He doesn’t believe in love at first sight,I don’t know how it feels to fall in love at first sight,but,The shock when I saw her,I’ve been thinking about it in my heart for so many days,When I saw her again just now,The heart is pounding again,Then I was sure that I really fell in love with that girl at first sight。
He doesn’t know the girl’s name,I don’t even know if she is single,Just chased it out recklessly,In case she has a boyfriend,Or married,Wouldn’t I be a joke??
Looks handsome,The top-dressed man ran out in a panic,The waiter at the fruit supermarket didn’t know what was wrong,Waited a while and didn’t see him return,Just grab the fruit and chase it out,I saw him standing on the opposite side of West Point House, looking around,Don’t understand what he is doing,Trot over,Call him carefully,“Mr,Your fruit。”
Huo Yunhe looked back blankly,Caught the waiter’s puzzled eyes,Suddenly wake up to my gaffe,Somewhat uncomfortable,But he is used to facial paralysis,An unfamiliar person cannot see that he is unnatural。
Thank you faintly,Take the fruit and walk towards the car,The moment you open the door,Still looking up,I still haven’t seen the figure that moved his heart,Can only start the car and leave。