A few words are like a thunder exploding in the ear,All the people in Sword City were stunned in an instant,Co-author,The boss of the entire Dahua country is here?Such a strong strength,Even a strong man at the level of the green pheasant has meaningless resistance in front of him!

Xia Chenglong, who was recovering from his injuries, was also awakened,Co-author,The real boss is here?Although he is one of the six thrones of the military,,But in fact, I haven’t seen this big guy.!It seems that the battle between himself and the old man Huomu shocked too many people!
Even if it’s not a relationship,Such a big man appeared in front of me,How many people can disrespect?Xia Chenglong quickly walked out of the closed room,I came directly to the real dragon,Paid a military salute,As a strong man asking the gods,Even in front of the real dragon,No need to bow,Just show it,Besides, Xia Chenglong is not a bully,For real dragon,What I do most is respect。
“long time no see,Xia Chenglong!”
Zhenlong smiled and looked at the guy in front of him,It really is a talent,Especially the aura flowing down Xia Chenglong,That tyrannical and steady force is like mountains and rivers,Only practice each realm to the extreme,To be able to reflect this powerful momentum。
The rest of the people also nodded slightly,Xia Chenglong’s combat effectiveness is definitely much stronger than they expected,If you can reach the concentrating state,Absolutely capable of earthshaking existence!
“I don’t know if Real Dragon is here this time?”
Xia Chenglong looked at these guys in front of him,Was he just beheading a guy who asked the gods??Does it need such a big battle??Everyone is a powerhouse in the concentrating state,I can offend these people.!
“some things,You can’t know now,We come here this time,nothing else,Just want to see if you are the one we want to find!”
Real dragon nodded,Wave your hand,The shackles on the green pheasant are instantly lifted,Just waved,Can trap a big monster like the green pheasant,This strength,Conceivable。
“Rest assured,Just make trouble,If those guys in Hong Yuntian come out to trouble you during this period,Just go back directly,In addition,Rest assured,Those in the concentrating state just dare to appear,We will definitely do it,So you don’t have to worry!”
With these words from the real dragon,Xia Chenglong is more relieved,After all, Hong Yuntian does have a guy in the concentrating state,If those guys come here,Even if his cultivation level has reached the half-step concentrating state,Not enough to see the opposite,not to mention,There are many brothers who are not very strong beside me.!
“Military affairs,It should be almost done now!”
Suddenly,Real dragon seems to have thought of something,Looking at Xia Chenglong in front of you。
A few years ago,The real dragon once issued an order from a novice,Passed to the hands of the Sixth Throne。
Gradually reduce the development in war,And during this time began to hoard a large number of troops and elite。
It is clear,What big event is this planning!
“Please rest assured,Everything is done according to the will of the true dragon,The battlefield on the East China Sea has basically been cleared,The army has also doubled!”