“Ok,”Chen Geng responded,Thought for a while,Added:“This cost price,Is the real cost price plus20%Profit。”

Wang Dazhi suddenly screamed,Boss, this is a bit dark。Nodding:“do not worry,I know。”
I know why my boss came to the ice city this time,After saying these things,Without waiting for Chen Geng to ask,Wang Dazhi took the initiative to introduce this to Chen Gengf120Airworthiness verification in cold areas:“This cold test,Mainly to verify the actual effect of the wing’s anti-icing and hoeing system in such alpine regions,In addition, the various systems of the whole machine must be tested, such asapusystem、Air Conditioning System、Hydraulic system、Can the radar system and other subsystems work normally in this low temperature climate?。”
Finished,Wang Dazhi said proudly:“Although the flight test has not started normally,But according to our experience when we came,This test should be no problem。”
Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“I also think the problem is not big。”
The dimension of the Netherlands is very north,Almost at the same latitude and longitude as Hei province,Therefore, the aircraft designed by the Dutch do very well in terms of low temperature adaptability.,andf120Itself isf100Extended version,For insurance considerations,Wing、Vertical tail、The flat tail, including the various pneumatic surfaces above and the corresponding anti-ice hoeing system, has not undergone any changes.,inf100Under the premise of passing the airworthiness test in cold regions,in casef120Fail the corresponding test,It can only show that the procurement team of COMAC is in trouble。
But even so,Before the test is over,Chen Geng still dare not take it lightly:Why do you always have to go through the airworthiness verification process again as long as it is a new model?It’s because as long as the aircraft has been slightly modified,I’m not sure where there will be a little problem,This is the experience summed up by countless blood and tears in the past。
For this test,COMAC borrowed a hangar with a steel roof from a military airport near Bingcheng through its relationship,Don’t expect any air conditioning and heating for this kind of steel structure hangar,The only advantage is that it can prevent rain and snow,So that everyone will not be able to inspect and repair the aircraft under the rain and snow. The insulated hangars with air-conditioning systems in Europe and the United States cannot be compared.,But at this time in China,It’s already a very luxurious configuration。
When Chen Geng and his team came to an airport temporarily borrowed from Bingcheng,One by one, the engineers and technicians of the COMAC Group, who are wearing thick and fighting bears, are facing the indoor minus20Excessive temperatures are carefully inspecting the aircraft,Make detailed preparations for the next airworthiness verification,Wang Dazhi stepped forward,Just about to let everyone suspend their work to welcome Chen Geng’s arrival,Was stopped by Chen Geng:“Don’t delay everyone’s work……Just find someone to tell me about the situation。”
Since the boss said so,Wang Dazhi also nodded,Pulled the secretary and whispered a few words,Secretary nodded,Then he ran at a small pace to a person wearing a thick down jacket and thick leather boots and whispered something.,A moment later,This person quickly came to Chen Geng。
Chen Geng just noticed,This guy who wears something like a bear is still his old acquaintance,Immediately happy:“Lao Nie,how about it,Can this climate still adapt??”
Nie Guang gave a wry smile,Said to Chen Geng in a small voice:“It’s too cold in Northeast!”
“You still turned over the years,If you came five, nine, six, nine years ago,Can freeze you southerner to death,”Chen Geng smiled:“Bear with me,It’s over in a few days anyway,After going back, have a good hot pot and go to the cold……Ok,Tell me about your current work。”
Nie Guang also knew that his boss came so far,Not to chat with myself,Nodded:“Chairman,The cold zone airworthiness test will be carried out in three hours,What we are doing now is to inspect the hydraulic system and oil system of the aircraft,Previously, we have completed the inspection of various wing systems and avionics systems,No problem,As long as there is no problem with the hydraulic system and the oil system,Airworthiness test can be carried out。”
Chen Geng nodded:“What do you think of this airworthiness verification?”