Dingxiang and life are worth cherishing and defending (international forum)

In recent years, I have visited Xinjiang many times, but I have been to the beautiful Urumqi more than once.

Xinjiang’s prosperity and stable, the happiness of the local people, I have left a deep impression.

Urumqi is a multi-ethnic city.

The four-way transportation network, the perfect infrastructure, multi-cultural, friendly people, becoming a beautiful business card in this Silk Road. In these, you can experience the customs and lifestyles of different nations, and feel the atmosphere of harmony between the people of the people.

The national flavor restaurants throughout the street alley is more lingering. Whether in Urumqi, or in other cities in Xinjiang, you can see the street names, bus stops, etc., bus stop cards, etc., and travel.

Western media is based on prejudice to spread the rumors of Xinjiang.

I have used the local people to exchange the government’s safety protection measures, although their occupations, nations are different, the answer is very similar – only resolutely prevent, combat violence and terrorist crimes, people can work, life, and peace The work and living environment is worth cherishing and defending.

People from all ethnic groups in Xinjiang can enjoy the government’s preferential policies, let their families will live a happy life through their own labor.

A hospital in Urumqi, a man and my conversation made me very touched. He is from the remote area of ??Xinjiang. Before retired, it is engaged in electric welding work in Urumqi. He said: "When you are young, I can’t expect to have my own car and house in Urumqi.

All this has become a reality. "The happiness of this electric welder is not an example. Once, I met a man wearing" Carpark "in the streets of Urumqi.

In the chat, I learned that he has been in his 60s, from Kyper Suir Kyu Autonomous Prefecture. Thanks to the various subsidies and support provided by the government, the village not only has built a residential, school and kindergarten, but also achieves the full coverage of hydropower, mobile communication signals, broadband networks, and the living standards of Xinjiang minority farmers and herdsmen have been significantly improved. .

The freedom and customs of religious beliefs in Xinjiang, all ethnic groups have also been fully respectful. The Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting minority languages ??and culture.

For example, in 2006, the "Manas" "Manas" in Kirgiz is included in the first batch of national-level intangible cultural heritage lists.

It is inevitably listening to noise on the road, but the story of Xinjiang’s development is powerful: Just put the interests of the people in the first place, the noise can never block the advancement. (The author is a consultant for the National Strategic Institute of Kyrgyzstan).