4 high-level perfume usage

  The last step before going out every day is to choose a bottle of beautiful perfume on the perfume stand, squirting behind the wrist after going out, this way to leave the fragrance may be just a short morning.

The stay is not full in the fragrance. If you want to have a more lasting, you can spread the four high-level perfume spray, emit a charming fragrance anytime, anywhere ~ It is easy to evaporate in the spray, you can spray the shoulders of your clothes. Location, the aroma will be more durable. Through the people around you, you will also smell the aroma that you have, neither deliberately brings discomfort. Although there is a fiscal, it is easy to pick it up when it is very embarrassing, and there is no need to spend money in the fragrance of a category.

Use the fragrance you like directly to the comb, then use it to comb, the fragrance will not be too aggressive, and it will bring natural charming fragrance. The method of the superchemic machine, if you participate in the event, wearing a short skirt high heel, spraying ankle and knee really walking with fragrance.

  360 degrees surrounded the aroma, quietly exudes a charming taste.

  Choose your favorite perfume, spray it on the silk scarf, no matter whether it is put on the bag or take it on the neck, you will have a taste, and you will have no NG all day.