Chongqing Mobile 5G + Industrial Internet Summit held in Liang Ping

On-site show new technologies and applications such as China Mobile and Bao Wisdom Canteen, IDC Data Center, Onenet Situation Platform, etc. in the industrial sector. Chongqing Mobile is awarded by Chongqing, July 31, recently, hosted by the Liangping District Economic and Information Committee, China Mobile Chongqing Company (hereinafter referred to as "Chongqing Mobile") hosted by the 5G + Industrial Internet Summit held in Liang Ping.

This peak forum aims to in-depth practice of new generation of information technology and manufacturing integration development, actively guiding and encouraging industrial enterprises to achieve intelligent and digital transformation and upgrading, and boost region 100 billion industrial high quality development. Liang Ping has formed an integrated circuit, smart home, green food processing and other industries, covering electronic components manufacturing, food processing, chemical industry, warehousing logistics and other manufacturing areas. As the pioneer of "5G + Industrial Internet", Chongqing Mobile, jointly established the national industrial Internet logo to analyze the top nodes of Chongqing, and the self-built industry Internet logo analysis of integrated secondary nodes, deepened "5G + industrial Internet" integration, Created industrial Internet platforms for the whole industry, providing a comprehensive one-stop service of "Cloud + Net + Identity + Platform", can effectively meet the business of the company, solve its digital transformation, intelligent transformation of industrial enterprises Injective power. This forum invited experts from the industrial Internet, 5G, and cloud computing, in which Chongqing Mobile’s relevant person in charge shared the current situation and trend of industrial Internet development, and introduced China Mobile at 5G network, industrial Internet industry applications, Industrial cloud typical scenarios, industrial digital twins capacity and case.

  Next, Chongqing Mobile will take this forum as an opportunity to fully implement national new infrastructure requirements, from solving the needs of enterprises, strengthen communication and exchanges between Liang Ping and other districts and counties, fully release their own cloud network capabilities and platform advantages. Effectively help regional intelligent manufacturing, making greater contributions to promoting high quality development of Chongqing digital economy.

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