There are a lot of people come to the company.,But why do you have to pass a camouflage?,This is odd.。

Next, a week of time,Han Jiang has repeatedly discovered several people who came to the company throughout the camouflage.。
In a few days,The company has a batch of important materials just arrived.,As the boss’s Liu Cheng personally delivered the goods。
Specific discussion is suitable for Hanjiang unclear,But Liu Cheng is not low to this batch of goods.。
Day night,Han Jiang junk into the warehouse,Looking for goods during the day。
After entering the warehouse,Follow the number to find the place of the day。
The box of things is,A dry two nets can be disappeared inside。
Open the scan mode on tactical goggles,Han Jiang found clues in a pile of messy footprints。
Follow this clue,The last place is the basement basement。
According to Cheng Lixue,It is found that the place of Shencheng Medicine to do human experiment is the laboratory of the basement basement.。
Han Jiang hides in the dark,Looking at the door of the basement,Constantly pinching chin。
Your luck is so good,I just found something that I have already made in a few days.?
Hanjiang’s purpose is not to seize the evidence of the other party’s human experiment.,His purpose is to find hidden in Shencheng Medicine“snake”Man。
About the handover of important goods,Generally there is something recorded in the case。
Unfortunately, Han Jiang’s own computer level is limited,I haven’t come to learn something and learn something yet.,Go back to Shenzhou。
Shencheng Medicine is placed in a well-known,Han Jiang can also check things,Cheng Li Xue naturally can inquire。
So Hanjiang sent information to the Wings of the Fans,Ask her, is there possible to control remotely?,If there is no possibility,I still have to come over.。
The bistean wing is holding your arms,A pair looks like Hanjiang。
“Then you can invade the intranet of Shencheng Medicine.,Don’t put a stinky face.!”Han Jiang can’t help but say。
Nice bistelled wings:“Let me try it first.,The technology of this main universe is not low,But it is still a bit compared to us.。”
“You have to invade them in the intranet,Tell me the specific content,I am so good to find it.!”The hind of the hiped iron is not a steel。
Chapter 223 Car and tank
The flag of the flag start invading the intranet of Shencheng Medicine,A firewall through Shencheng Medicine。
Not alarming the premise of any procedure of the other party,The flag of the flag broke through the firewall,Enter the internal network of Shencheng Medicine。
Obviously it has successfully entered,But the wing of the flag is not an important information.。
Presenting in front of her,Some books can be checked。
After coming to the owner,The horses of the horses horses do not stop the hoof, this is about the various knowledge of this universe,Including some human life。
To know,But all the big companies,Will have pickled things,This is called“Unspoken rules”s things。
This kind of medicine is clean and scared,Compliance is just the most basic。
Pay not only on time on time, not only on time,Even the additional funds will help a large number of materials。
Companies made up from Native Scientists,I don’t have any problems to do some contributions to Shenzhou.,But this book is too clean.,There is no dirty.,This is not strong.。
They have a lot of things,Requirements are the bodies of various kiliers and collapse。
“What’s wrong?”Hanjiang frowns,It’s hard to enter the intranet?Still, it is necessary to have a wing of the flag.。
Fanwings stare at the screen tightly,Shook his head:“nothing,You first wait。”
She began looking for deeper information hidden,These materials are not as good as they just see.。