Family,The first rich can’t afford it.。

Will be Zhu Jia or Li Jia,Just in the middle of them。
so,They can only find ways。
Two ladies looked at the check in her hand,Laugh:“Now send checks back,One thousand five million belong to you。”
What she wants is Li Shuyi knows this matter,Let her send it back,But I want to teach her hand.kay。
certainly,If there is courage,It can be occupied,She can arrow double carving。
These are her children belonging to her.,Other people have to get。
Li Shuzhen looked at her:“Two ladies,With this check,Dad doesn’t treat us as a family,Person can threaten,We have passed。
Two lack of low sound,Looking at Liuxu, a face,This child,When you are small, it is very exciting.。
“Bamboo,You threaten your father like this,Will only lose more。
Li Shuyu has taken half of the money,That is because he has a Lu Haoheng and Gu Jia behind him.,Your father has no way to deal with her.,One, your father finds a way,She didn’t know how she died.。”
“so,Do not impulse。”
Two ladies advised。
Li Xu wants to think,I know that this thing can’http://www.zgrcedu.cnt finish.。
She returned with two bodyguards.。
“Wild brother,The woman came back again.。”
Car,Lin Ye is eating fried chicken。
Lin Ye has a look at Li Shuyi,Fright,“What is this woman??
I thought she took a check to take the money.?
Is it not good to send it??”
“Wild brother,What should we do now?”
Lin Ye looked at him,Laugh:“What do you mean?
Such delicious fried chicken,First eat first,True incense!”
Lin Yen said,Continue to eat fried chicken,Looking at the video。
kayBathe,Discovering checks and ID cards,Suddenly panic。
too terrifying,Actually someone broke into her villa,I steal her check。
These 30 million can be gambling。
“Who is it??”
She is crazy to go to the first floor.。
Tenishing,Li Shuyu came in with two bodies。
“Liuxu,What are you doing here??”
She finished,Just see the checks and ID cards in Liuxu。
“Oh it’s you?”
She quickly downstairs。
Li Shuqi raised the check in his hand。