After hanging up,Wang Youcai suddenly remembered,This worker is injured like this,Should let his family know,What if something happens?So he went to find Tianwa。

“President Wang!Where is Wu Wu from this person?,Should call him over,He knows how to inform his family“Tian Wa said。Wang Youcai glanced at Tian Wa’s other worker,I saw the blood on both of them,Looks quite uncomfortable。
At this moment, Ni Xiaoli called,Wang Youcai takes it,I heard Ni Xiaoli curse on the phone:“ This dead old Liu,He said this mine was contracted to you,You are responsible for these things,So he doesn’t pay more for the money,only,He will immediately pay your 50,000 yuan to make up for you“
“Ok!I know,Where you go to buy clothes now,Buy two sets of men,Just buy a set for Tianwa,Then buy another set of bigger ones,Hurry up and bring it to the door of the emergency room“Wang Youcai arranged for Ni Xiaoli on the phone。
At this time, Ni Xiaoli is very knowledgeable,She didn’t say anything,He immediately agreed。Wang Youcai quickly called Wu Wu again。
Ten minutes later,Wu Wu ran in in a panic,Wang Youcai told him about the situation。Tian Wa told the injured name。Wu Wu,Take a breath and say:“Okay,He just installed a phone at home“
Wu Wu said,Took out the phone,And started looking for the phone。Tian Wa glanced at him and said:“Go out to fight,Don’t be too scary,Said he was injured,Just come here to wait“
It seems that this critical time,Wang Youcai still has trouble thinking about some things,This worker was injured,Family comfort is also a science。Don’t watch this Tian baby fight and kill,Some things are considered very thoughtful。
“Did the doctor say how long the operation will take??“Wang Youcai couldn’t help asking Tian Wadao。
“Three or four hours!Come in and sign up,Just now in order for the provincial experts to perform surgery on your wounded,This procedure also saves a bit“Tian Wa hasn’t opened her mouth yet,A male doctor walked out with a signature pad,To Wang Youcai。
Surgery in the hospital,Wang Youcai is clear in his heart,So-called signature,Which is the hospital’s waiver,Anyway, no problem will be fine,If there is a problem, only the patient is not good,So he didn’t even look at it,Picked up the pen and signed my name on it。
Wait for the doctor to leave,Tian Wa whispered to Wang Youcai:“President Wang,Or do you go ahead,It will take three or four hours here anyway“
“Don’t talk nonsense,Mr. Wang is away,In case something happens during the operation,You can do it lord“The other big worker asked,He seems to be a little scared。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Nothing,I’ll just sit here and wait!“
At this moment,Wu Wu ran in,He whispered:“There is no car coming here at this time,I have to call a car to pick you up,Mr. Wang is troubled here”