Wei Zhong frowned slightly,Glanced at Wang Teng,Suddenly asked。

And with Wei Zhong’s words finished,at this time,Wang Teng sees here,obviously,Wang Teng suddenly laughed。
Looks at Wang Teng,Wei Zhong’s move,There is also a feeling that there is no silver three hundred taels here。
And Wang Teng’s side,Wei Shasha came out。
“You don’t know him,Is it,Don’t you know me anymore?”
Wei Shasha’s words are finished,It made Wei Zhong in front of him,The whole person was completely dull on the spot。
Now,Wei Zhong didn’t even know,Him now,What should I do?。
Everything,It seemed that they all started to develop toward the opposite that Wei Zhong didn’t want to see。
at this time,Even Wei Zhong himself,Also laughed twice:“Missy,What are you doing here?”
Wei Zhong’s words,Doesn’t sound tempered。
But what about Wei Shasha,Took out the phone,Open the recording directly:“Wei Zhong,You should listen to this recording first before talking。”
Wei Shasha finished,The recording is playing intermittently。
Its content,A large part,Are all around this。
So for these,Actually Wei Zhong listened,Frown。
Because of these,Exactly the ones he conspired before。
Now it’s completely on the bright side,We can’t help Wei Zhong have the slightest excuse。
And this time,Wei Zhong gritted his teeth,I raised my head and looked at Wei Shasha in front of me。
“Humph,Even if I did it,So what can?”
Since this matter has been known to Wei Shasha,Then next,In fact, there is nothing to say。
what’s the matter,I’d better see the real chapter directly under my hand。