“Do not,Not available,If someone directly gives us a million,We will run the horse,Anyway, you have no such image.,I don’t have anyone doubts。”

Liu Jiashan is also a one that is given by Xu Qiang.。
“Row,Then listen to you,Do you feel that Li speaks with the wind??”
“Hey-hey,People still have more money?
This Zhao Xiaoli is a bait,Li Hui Feng is a big fish,And I feel that this Zhao Xiaoli is not generally related to Li Hui’s relationship.,Otherwise, how can a woman be like a large pig farm??”
“Besides,The other party is not like a high degree of talent,You don’t say that you have a doctor to go to the vegetable factory as a director??
I doubt that your brother is sold to the wife.!”
Xu Qiang’s analysis made Liu Jiashan’s three views of the entire person.。
Although he always feels that you are not something,But the wife wants to share this kind of thing to share with others.。
Especially still so beautiful daughter-in-law,Think of he feeling some hot。
“Have a few more?”
Although he feels that Xu Qiang explained that the ten nine nine is really,But if it is not??
After all, if this is really good,His cousin must be poked in the village.,Zhao Xiaoli is more like a woman.,It will also be pointed out。
A woman does not recognize unless you don’t want your husrm.,Otherwise, how many people can stand more?
“Hey-hey,Eight-class grasp!After all, this Zhao Xiaoli seems not to save oil lamps.,And I feel that I seem to have a chance.。”
Xu Qiang said this,Liu Jiashan has changed。
“Hadron,I warn you,Dake money,You can’t move people,That is a woman in my brother.,The principle of this is still there.。”
Looking at the seriousness of Liu Jiashan,Xu Qiang is also a glimpse。
He didn’t think that Liu Jiashan has such a side.。
“Hey-hey,Liu Da Ge,Don’t you think??
And I don’t move the boss, I have already moved.,You don’t object to your brother.,You say what you mean in this.?”
“Live in the moment, why not do it in time?”
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-seventh chapter brainwashing
Liu Jiashan was a glimpse by the other party。
Because he doesn’t understand how Xu Qiang is meaning。
“What do you mean by you??”
“Forehead,You don’t understand this?”
Xu Qiang did not expect himself for a long time,Actually there is a feeling of a kind of cow piano。
Originally, Liu Jiashan took him to deceive money.,Now this result seems to be lied to Liu Jiashan.,Completely reversed。
“That is, let’s live and enjoy it.,Take someone else,Merry is the first,Do you feel that I am talking??”
“Do not say anything else,You don’t care about your cousin.,People who are happy, still let you experience?
People can be the best to give Li boss。”
“You can still stop the boss of Li?”