“Good girl?fart!”

Chen Xiu scolded:“Xue Xia dropped out of high school and fooled around with the old gangster Tang Zhong in the town,I heard that I had a miscarriage,Now she was swept out by Tang Zhong’s Zhengpo,I want to be a fool if no one takes over!”
There was silence at the dinner table,Chen’s father and Chen’s mother were also taken aback,Qi Qi looked at Ergu。
“Second aunt,What Xiaoxiu said is true?”
Er Gu was embarrassed to see things broken,After embarrassment, it turns into anger,“sister in law,You don’t even look at your family,The bungalows on the first floor are still tiled,Other girls don’t dislike your being poor,You still hate others?
Talking about minor repairs,I heard that college students,I don’t have three thousand wages a month,Not as good as my son、His cousin——Jiang Shenglei,Although I graduated from junior high school and entered the factory for more than five thousand a month。
Just fix this little salary and others don’t dislike him.,Actually still pick and choose;
and also,Brother you、And sister-in-law,You are all farmers,No savings,You are farming besides farming,What else!”
Second aunt is not enough,Pointing at Chen Han again:“And her,Without the princess’s life, the princess’s disease,What else besides eating!”
Chen Han was cried out by the second aunt’s sudden scolding。
Chen Xiu hit the table,Roared:“enough!”
“I have no money?joke!”
Chen Xiu opened the door and pointed at Volvo outsideS90Said:“See the car outside,That one car is almost one million,I will have no money!
I won’t marry a wife?
Fuck her?!”