Chen Xiaoju pushed away Wang Youcai who was standing at the door,Stepped in,Close the door。

Suddenly a beauty came in the room,Wang Youcai immediately refreshed,When he saw Chen Xiaoju,,Asked a little unhappy:“How did you come?People are sleeping”
“Ha ha!Don’t sleep,I have something to do with you”Chen Xiaoju changed his former arrogance,Said with a smiley face。
Wang Youcai, who only wore a big trousers, went to bed again,Picking up the fan next to the bed and fanning it to cool, asked:“looking for me?Hurry up,I want to sleep for a while after talking”He said,Can’t help but yawn again。
Chen Xiaoju gently sat next to Wang Youcai,Said softly:“I’ll go with you twice,Lost a lot,You know the money,Which old Chen did I borrow,Now he is upset”
“He is not happy to care about me,Moreover,I didn’t invite you to gamble,But you have to pester me to take you。And last night,I can’t stop it,You must throw 10,000 yuan,Who do you blame for this”Wang Youcai said,Luscious eyes glanced over Chen Xiaoju’s white thigh。
Chen Xiaoju grabbed Wang Youcai’s big fan,While catching a cold fan for Wang Youcai,Smiled:“How can I blame you for this,It’s all mine”
Wang Youcai closed his eyes with enjoyment,Since Chen Xiaoju followed him,He has never seen her so gentle as today。Wang Youcai’s hand involuntarily touched Chen Xiaoju’s thigh,Not only did the woman not scold him,And moved his body to him,Wang Youcai’s hand touched deeper。
“Speak!What the hell is looking for me?”Wang Youcai gasped and asked。
Chen Xiaoju attached her body,Exhale and say like silk:“Lend me some money,How about this old Chen wants to break with me,You know”
Wang Youcai listened,Secretly cursed,To your uncle,Turned out to be for money,No wonder being so gentle and active today,Humph!I’m not a fool,Never sell or buy at a loss。
Wang Youcai did not speak,Instead, he pushed Chen Xiaoju down on the bed,The whole person is pressed up。Chen Xiaoju panting,Said softly:“You haven’t promised me about money”
“Money matters”Wang Youcai said,Two tore off the very few clothes that Chen Xiaoju wore。
The big wooden bed has been ringing for a long time,Finally stopped,Wang Youcai lying on the side is sweaty,He kept shaking the fan,Scolded:“What kind of weather,So hot“