An instant,Azhong’s sleeves are flying like butterflies,Rotten to pieces,And his whole arm,From the phalanx to the wrist,To the arm bone,Back to shoulder bone,Burst all the way,Make a noise like fried beans。

Suddenly,Azhong only feels black,An unstoppable pain hit my heart,Then he had a cardiac arrest,Don’t know anything。
By contrast,A Yi is much more cunning than A Zhong。
His movements are slower than A Chung on the line,A nail in the palm,I originally planned to turn the palm and nail it to this person’s waist,The result hasn’t had time to get close,I heard a series of weird sounds like fried beans from A Yi,So scared that he quickly stopped,Dare not rush。
It’s this stupid effort,Azhong from a martial arts school has fallen straight down,But the handsome boy looked at himself with a smile。
A Yi’s heart trembled,An instinctive sense of fear,Let him make the most correct decision in his life。
A Yi smiled bitterly,Spread your hands,Let the nails in your palm slip from your fingers,Then let my knees soften,Kneeling in front of this person on the spot。
He doesn’t know why he kneels,Even if you are facing the boss Du Shaoping,He never kneeled。
Probably because of those eyes!That pair is full of compassion,With a trace of disdain,Let him keenly capture the difference in strength between the two sides。
In front of people with that look,I’m probably just inferior to ants!
Seeing A Yi kneeling on the spot,Du Shaoping standing behind was taken aback,His face turned pale after a while。
Deng Jiajia and Wang Xiaomei rushed up when they saw the two fierce thugs,One fell to the ground,One kneel,I was so happy that I almost screamed。
Even if the two of them get confused again,I also know that this handsome Lu is definitely not an ordinary person,How else could it be so powerful!
At this moment,Lu Menglin didn’t look at Ma Zi Xiaoyi who was kneeling on the ground.,But since I walked by him,Came to Du Shao Ping。
“Bring people up,I give you a chance to shout。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Du Shaoping’s heart stunned,He has been in society for so many years,Of course there is only a lot more experience than Xiaoyi,When I hear it, I know that this is a real hard ball,Absolutely can’t force the other party。
“it is good!”After Du Shaoping burst out such a word from his teeth,Turned around and jumped into the mud,Put Deng Ping on his back。
Lu Menglin turned around now,Said lightly to A Yi who was kneeling on the ground:“Go call everyone behind him,I only wait a quarter of an hour!If people are not coming,I buried him。”