Click!Lu Menglin is fine,It’s just that the ground under his feet has suffered,Even the hard ground cannot withstand such a terrifying force,It collapses like tofu。

Lu Menglin’s body suddenly sank to the waist,Both legs are in the soil。Take his body as the center,The surrounding ground suddenly collapsed,The sinking area is more than ten square meters。
Although his gods and demons can withstand the terrifying power of this blow,But the land under your feet cannot。
The strike just now was really terrifying,The power is much greater than the roller,It’s about the size of two rollers dropped from the height of a five-story building。
In an instant,Lu Menglin fell into a true passivity。
His feet are stuck in the mud,No matter how fast you move,It also takes a short pause to pull it out,This is the impact of environmental changes。
And at this moment,That troll god is one step ahead,Insights,Shake his head。
Countless slender javelins shot out from the back of that troll god,Densely all over the sky,Then one after another fell to Lu Menglin in the pit。
These slender javelins are unique in shape,The mental fluctuations attached to the gun are still strange,Just launched,Immediately enveloped the land of three feet,And make a screaming sound,Destroy the soul。
Lu Menglin was half a beat slow,It’s too late to dodge,Had to take a deep breath,Squirt again。
Countless bright spots of light emerged from the body of the gods and demons,While whizzing,One after another greeted the spirit guns that fell from mid-air。
Every point of light,They all represent the air thread condensed by Lu Menglin’s toad fishing power,Lu Menglin’s mental power is attached to these air threads,Like tiny guided missiles,Took the initiative to meet those spirit guns,There was a popping sound above Lu Menglin’s head。
Hundreds of toad-fishing energizing threads came into contact with those spirit spears shooting all over,Burst immediately,perish together。