Still follow the route of the small garbage door behind the building,Qiao Tianyu entered the brown building easily,I found the human resources department on the 9th floor with ease.。

However, a scene that made Qiao Tianyu suspect in life happened.
First0020chapter Work in embarrassment
It’s completely different from when Qiao Tianyu was contained an hour ago,Facing Qiao Tianyu’s initiative“surrender”,Goldman Sachs Human Resources President Hooke completely lost his previous enthusiasm。
I rub!
what’s the situation?
You were not crying and calling for me to join Goldman Sachs,I’m still begging to be begging to put my business card into my pocket,Let me think about it?
I think about it now,You regret it?
“Egg set!Egg set!”Qiao Tianyu tried to suppress the anger in his heart。
“Maybe Hook is deliberately playing deep,Just to suppress my salary?This is their customary trick!”
Qiao Tianyu took a long breath,Lower your body and express that you are willing to start from the most basic level,Just need Goldman Sachs to provide him with a platform cloud cloud。
However, it turns out,Qiao Tianyu thinks too much。