First of all, Xiao Fan felt that this kind of thing,Can’t make a slap,There is so much anti-fraud promotion,Whether it is a person with insufficient social experience or a person with sufficient social experience,Should have their own consciousness。

Secondly, Xiao Fan wanted to kill them all at once,Because Xiao Fan learned that they were scattered in various places,I want to re-register the company recently,That’s why they all gather together。
Everything Xiao Fan does has its own reason,Maybe others don’t understand Xiao Fan’s thoughts,But slowly,The longer,The more they feel that what Xiao Fan does is meaningful。
After returning home,Xiao Fan saw Lin Yuner in the study,Seems to be having a video conference,He didn’t want to disturb Lin Yoona’s work,So I thought to pour her a glass of water first。
When Xiao Fan took the water into the study,Lin Yuner raised her head and glanced at him,Then did not speak,Keep focusing on the computer,Communicate with the opposite person。
Xiao Fan slowly walked over,Then put water on the table,Pointed,Motion to Lin Yoona to drink water,Lin Yoona smiled and nodded,Xiao Fan plans to go back to the room。
But Xiao Fan’s hand was successfully in the mirror just now,Xiao Fan’s fingers are slender,Skin is whiter,Very nice hands,The people on the other side of the video conference are gossiping。
Some brave ones have already started to ask Lin Yoona:“boss,Was it your husband just now?,Watching you smile so tenderly,Must be,So warm-hearted and still serve tea and water。”
Others also echoed,And then started a rushing discussion,Some say they have met Xiao Fan,Long and handsome,Some said that the one who was on the news last time was him.
Lin Yoona has a good temper,Get along with the staff below very well,So everyone dare to gossip in front of her,Everyone likes to work with Yoona Lin,Easy and happy and efficient。
Lin Yoona shook her head helplessly,Then to the gossiping employees on the other end of the video:“If you put this gossip spirit on your work, you could have been promoted and raised.。”
Lin Yoona is not angry,Originally, their video conference was to discuss some affairs relatively easily,It’s not a serious matter,So Lin Yoona didn’t say much。
Because Lin Yoona feels that the people under her hands are still very considerate,They must be serious when they know they should be serious,But when they are relaxed, they all get along very easily。
Xiao Fan’s hearing is much better than others,So naturally I heard their talk,Actually Xiao Fan doesn’t care much about these things。
Because some things in this regard,He gave Lin Yoona a sense of security,Did not deliberately hide his identity,Also generously let Lin Yuna understand her world。
Two people have been married for many years,There is basically no contradiction,Because the most important thing is a process of mutual understanding,Many people may find this kind of marriage boring。
But actually Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona didn’t feel that way at all,The two of them think this is the best way to get along with each other,Nothing boring。